Trump Triumphs Over Biden in Latest CNN Debate Flash Poll


In a significant blow to President Joe Biden, a recent CNN flash poll revealed that former President Donald Trump decisively won the latest debate. The poll results are a clear indicator of shifting voter sentiments as the 2024 election approaches.

The CNN poll showed that 67% of viewers believed Trump outperformed Biden in the debate, with many pointing to Biden's lackluster performance and frequent gaffes as contributing factors. Trump, on the other hand, was seen as confident and assertive, resonating well with the audience.

These results come as a stark contrast to Biden's previous standing, where he enjoyed a comfortable lead. Now, with a growing number of Americans expressing dissatisfaction with Biden's handling of key issues such as the economy and foreign policy, Trump's resurgence is evident.

Trump's popularity surge is not limited to debate performances. According to the poll, 49% of registered voters would vote for Trump in a hypothetical rematch, while only 45% would support Biden. This shift indicates a broader trend of discontent among voters, particularly in battleground states.

The poll also highlighted a critical aspect of voter motivation. A significant portion of Biden's supporters, around 68%, are more driven by their opposition to Trump rather than genuine support for Biden. This contrasts with Trump's base, where 60% of his supporters are motivated by their strong support for him, showcasing a more enthusiastic and committed voter base.

Interestingly, the poll revealed that even other GOP contenders like Nikki Haley would outperform Biden. Haley, though trailing Trump in the primaries, secured 52% support compared to Biden's 39% in a hypothetical matchup. This suggests a broader Republican advantage in the upcoming election.

The implications of these poll results are profound. They suggest a challenging road ahead for Biden as he seeks to regain his footing. The Democratic campaign will need to address the growing concerns and discontent among voters to mount a successful re-election bid.

Trump's performance in the debate and his growing popularity signal a robust comeback, making the 2024 election a highly competitive and closely watched race. As the campaign progresses, both parties will need to strategize effectively to secure voter support and address the critical issues facing the nation.


  1. Time to fire up the 25th amendment. But, Kamala would no doubt be a Dangerous alternative, even with Biden in the shape he’s in. The Military Must Assume the Role to ensure our Country is going to be Protected.


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