FBI Accused of Political Bias and Retaliation Against Agents with Military Backgrounds


In a shocking revelation, whistleblowers from within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have come forward to expose what they claim is a targeted campaign against agents based on their political beliefs. These allegations suggest that high-ranking officials within the FBI are systematically attempting to force out agents who they perceive as politically misaligned with their own views.

The whistleblowers allege that this campaign is particularly focused on former military members serving within the bureau. These individuals, many of whom served in the Marine Corps and other branches of the military, are being accused of disloyalty to the United States. The basis for these accusations appears to be an assumption that these veterans align with the political views of former President Donald Trump.

Two new disclosures sent to lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee detail these allegations. The documents, obtained by The Washington Times, specifically name FBI Security Division Deputy Assistant Director Jeffrey Veltri and Assistant Section Chief Dena Perkins as key figures in this alleged campaign.

According to the whistleblowers, Veltri and Perkins have been targeting bureau employees who have served in the Marines or other military branches. The retaliation tactics reportedly include stripping these agents of their security clearance. This action effectively sidelines them in their roles and pushes them towards leaving the bureau.

The disclosures further charge that Veltri and Perkins have either declared or attempted to declare these military veterans as “disloyal to the United States of America.” This is a serious accusation that could have significant implications for the accused individuals’ careers and reputations.

However, the whistleblowers maintain that there is no evidence to support these claims of disloyalty. They assert that none of the targeted individuals have shown any affiliation to a foreign power or expressed any beliefs against the United States.

These revelations raise serious questions about the integrity and impartiality of the FBI. If these allegations are true, they suggest a deeply troubling politicization of the bureau. This could undermine public trust in the FBI and potentially compromise its ability to carry out its mission effectively.

It is crucial that these allegations are thoroughly investigated. If there is any truth to these claims, those responsible must be held accountable. The FBI should be an institution that upholds the highest standards of impartiality and fairness, free from political bias.

In conclusion, these revelations underscore the importance of transparency and accountability within our institutions. It is essential that we hold our public servants to the highest standards and ensure that they are serving the interests of the American people, not their own political agendas.