Democratic Leadership Shaken as Dean Phillips Steps Down


Representative Dean Phillips, a prominent Democrat from Minnesota, announced his resignation from the House Democratic leadership.

The 54-year-old moderate Democrat, who previously held the position of co-chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, made this decision amid speculation that he is considering a primary challenge to Joe Biden.

Phillips, a three-term representative hailing from the Minneapolis suburbs, clarified his decision to step down was voluntary and not due to any external pressure.

He stated that his potential plans for the 2024 presidential race were causing discomfort among his colleagues, leading him to resign from his leadership role. This move underscores the growing unease within the Democrat Party regarding Biden’s potential candidacy for a second term.

Biden, at 80 years old, is the oldest president in U.S. history. If he were to secure a second term, he would be 86 by the end of it.

This fact sparks concern among many Democrats, with a Wall Street Journal poll revealing 75 percent of voters believe Biden is too old to run for a second term. This sentiment is shared by two-thirds of Democrats.

Despite these concerns, Biden has yet to face a serious challenge from within his own party. However, Phillips’ potential bid could change this dynamic.

Last month, Phillips revealed he was contemplating challenging Biden in the Democratic presidential primary. He expressed concern over the lack of alternatives within the party and the potential repercussions of an unanticipated event disrupting the Democratic Convention.

Phillips, who has a background in corporate marketing and branding, is known for his pragmatic approach to politics. His potential challenge to Biden began to take shape in July. Although he acknowledges he may not be well-positioned or sufficiently recognized on the national stage to take on the incumbent president.

Phillips’ decision to step down and his potential challenge to Biden reflects the growing dissatisfaction within the Democrat Party. This is further exacerbated by Biden’s recent gaffes and the increasing concern among Democrats about his age.

Despite these concerns, the White House continues to defend the president as sharp and engaged. As the 2024 presidential race approaches, it remains to be seen how this will impact the party’s electoral strategy and whether other Democrats will follow suit.