Youngkin is Virginia’s Next Governor, McAuliffe Will Not be Remembered

Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia and a contender for governor in 2021, stated to people on Tuesday night not everything was tallied. He said his team was still waiting for a large number of votes to come in.

This admission is as buffoonish and manufactured as McAuliffe is. McAuliffe started the governor’s race with the expectation of winning. Biden “took” Virginia by ten points and thought his brand reputation should get McAuliffe through over a “nobody” on the Republican ticket.

McAuliffe felt he had Virginia under his control.

Taking Cheap Shots Appears to Be the Democrats Way

So, McAuliffe made the fatal error of denigrating his competitor, then tossed out the name ‘Donald Trump’ a thousand times and attempted to link him to Youngkin.

McAuliffe pulled in alleged Democrat heavyweights and meant to appeal heavily while blowing racist dog whistles when he realized Youngkin was rising and he was declining.

However, Glenn Youngkin entered the event as himself, a regular person with a lengthy background in business and Virginia. He talked about Virginians’ beliefs and concerns. Youngkin’s campaign expressed his deep affection for his state and its people.

Youngkin genuinely did the job of traveling across the state, engaging with people, and concentrating on actual state problems, such as education, the CRT debate, and parental involvement in their children’s education.

Youngkin studied the tea leaves, spoke with real parents, and criticized anyone who disagreed with them. He got it right the first time, and he kept on getting it right.

McAuliffe assumed education was really about pumping money into unions while discounting parents and their worries. McAuliffe also had American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten close off his campaign, which was a dumb and utterly tone-deaf move.

McAuliffe made a lot of mistakes. That is the result of hubris and preconceptions…and we all know precisely what happens when you make assumptions.

The final nail in McAuliffe’s coffin was enabling the Lincoln Project to play interference for him by trying to undermine the Youngkin campaign, which resulted in hilarious outcomes. If you sleep around dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.

Virginia is Red!

Because McAuliffe believed he had it all figured out, the Republican Party wiped the floor with him and the Virginia Democrat Party.

With Republican victories for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, the state House has been colored red for the very first time since 2009. Virginians who were worried about Grandpa Joe and his socialist intentions can now breathe a sigh of relief.

McAuliffe will almost certainly return to the swamp politics from which he emerged, taking jabs at Youngkin and the Republican Party from the cheap seats at CNN and MSNBC. However, he will be soon forgotten and, more than likely, ignored.

If this trend continues, the 2022 midterms might swing in favor of the Republicans as well!