Youngkin Blows Hot in His Campaign Speech

Election Day 2021 is only a few weeks away and things are getting intense in Virginia. The race to become governor is set to be very close, as both the GOP candidate and the Democrat candidate are on their toes to clinch victory.

Glenn Youngkin, the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate, has been working hard to ensure he wins a state some consider to be blue. However, he has his work cut out for him, as the Republican Party hasn’t won statewide in Virginia in 12 years.

Youngkin was at the Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department event on Tuesday night. He had a lot to say in his speech, as he outlined his plans for Virginians if they vote him in.

Youngkin Pledges to Hold Loudoun Officials Responsible for Alleged Sexual Assault

Glenn Youngkin expressed his disgust over how the School Board of Loudoun County treated a case of alleged sexual assault in school. The school board covered up an alleged sexual assault on a female student by a male student in the women’s restroom.

Youngkin told the crowd another student assaulted a young girl in her school and the school administrators didn’t try to help the girl. He noted these administrators were entrusted with the girl’s education and safety, and they chose to break the trust by trying to protect the offender.

Instead of the board helping the young girl get justice, they quietly moved the offender to another school, where he allegedly assaulted another girl. The GOP candidate further noted the girls were sexually assaulted because the system failed to protect them.

Youngkin finally finished by vowing to get justice for the girls. He said he is filled with an unshakable resolve to fix the situation and also hold the school board accountable for their actions.

GOP Candidate’s Educational Plan

Youngkin laid out his educational plan for the state of Virginia. He said he would tackle the danger in schools by ensuring schools hire resource officers. Youngkin also noted he would withdraw their funding if they didn’t.

In addition, the Republican said he would ensure that law enforcement coordinates with schools, while schools must always report crimes to law enforcement. The GOP candidate also promised the schools would be transparent with the parents, as they have a right to know what schools are teaching their children.

Youngkin also promised democracy for parents, as they would be involved in deciding what the school teaches their children.

According to Youngkin, people will be judged based on their character and not their skin color. Additionally, he vowed to improve standards in schools and invest in teachers’ pay.

Youngkin finally pledged to ban critical race theory in schools and raise the schooling standards for all students in Virginia. The crowd present was very appreciative of Youngkin’s speech and promises.

They applauded him at every opportunity they got. Besides, the GOP candidate for Virginia sure did an excellent job of addressing the pain of the parents in the state. Will it be enough to clinch victory at the polls? We will have to wait to find out.