Wyoming Democrat Calls For Killing Conservatives

Political divisions have never been stronger. The far left and their representatives in the Democrat Party are not shy to support violence and spread hate against conservatives.

This has real consequences and incites regular folks to violence. The latest example comes from Wyoming state Democrat Karlee Provenza, who recently supported killing conservatives online.

Provenza Apologizes

This state rep. recently apologized for posting the murder meme on TikTok, saying she didn’t recognize its “potential impact.”

If you actually pay close attention to what she said sorry for, it wasn’t for spreading violent hate against conservatives. She apologized for people who might be influenced by it.

If a conservative politician posted a joke about killing leftists online, he or she would be in jail.

This comes in the wake of the Nashville massacre where a transgender adult named Audrey Hale went into a Christian school and murdered three kids and three teachers.

This isn’t funny.

Trans Extremism

The transgender extremist movement, Antifa, and BLM are all related groups. Many have backing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and CCP front groups like Liberation Road.

The purpose of them is to undermine the United States and destabilize the country. Nonetheless, the left continues to champion Marxist and cultural Marxist groups such as Antifa and the “LGBT movement.”

The result is insane ideologues like Provenza, posting images of leftists murdering those who disagree with the LGBT agenda or Antifa.

‘Justice Reformer’?

Provenza describes herself as a “justice reformer” and considers herself on the cutting edge of being progressive and woke.

She is the perfect representation of what’s wrong with the left and her apology is worth nothing.

Leftists like this find these kinds of memes funny. They feel self-righteous happiness about their own imagined idea of being protectors of “trans kids” and minorities. They’re not.

These folks are hurting kids, grooming kids, and harming the moral fiber of society. They are destroying a generation and trying to sic the lynch mob on any patriots left who don’t agree.

Provenza needs to be booted from office and stop having any role in representing the people of Wyoming.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.