Woman Cries “Racism” Over a Misunderstanding in Sesame Street Theme Park

"Humphreys welcomes Sesame Street" by USAG- Humphreys

The Sesame Street amusement park in Philadelphia has been trending recently. It’s for all the wrong reasons though, as the park’s staff came under fire on Instagram and Twitter for accusations of having a racial bias.

The “incriminating” video in question was posted to Instagram by a mother of two. It shows one of the park’s characters, Rosita, not giving a hi-five to two black children, only to proceed to give one to a white girl standing right next to them.

“Rosita” by Selena N. B. H.

The race card works like a charm

Naturally, the moment race was mentioned, the woke army appeared in a matter of minutes, calling the park staff racists and quickly getting the attention of prominent figures in the BLM peddling industry.

After the video ends, the mother apparently walked up to the person inside the Rosita costume, demanding to see a manager. She claims this was denied by the mascot, stoking the anti-racism flames that were about to burst.

Soon enough, one of the performers from the world-renowned group Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, joined the online debate. Rowland said that if it had been her child, she’d have left the entire park in flames.

Despite the outrage from Twitter users, none of them actually know the full context of the situation. A lot of them ignore the fact that even if it’s still unknown whether the snub was intentional or not, the park did offer an apology soon after.

Sesame Street park explains how its policies work

Sesame Place stated the park and its staff all stand for inclusivity, equality, and no form of racist or violent behavior will ever be tolerated; although they didn’t provide any clarification on the situation itself.

They did, however, add that the Rosita character isn’t allowed to hold anyone’s child from the crowd. Physical contact is strictly prohibited, which could explain the wave signaling “no” she can be seen making in the video.

As an added effort, Sesame Place offered the damaged families a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop by the park for a specialized meet and greet with its characters. This was a way of apologizing; albeit the mom still wasn’t happy with their response.

What’s more, she said the park’s only intention was to save face, rather than apologize. This isn’t exactly unexpected or wrong, given the fact the entire thing was one major misunderstanding.

After throwing additional shade at the park’s manager and staff, she said she’ll be reposting the video every day until the situation is resolved, which probably implies the inclusion of cancel culture into the mix.

In the end, the “woke” mom is probably looking to secure a hefty amount of cash, considering that not even a formal apology from both the park and the person responsible for the misunderstanding was enough.

She’s willing to ruin workers’ lives over something as petty as this.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.