Whole Foods Facing Serious Problems Due to Rising Crime

Across the nation, rising crime is becoming increasingly problematic.

It’s leading to more innocent people getting unnecessarily hurt or even losing their lives. At the same time, bad actors know they stand a higher likelihood of getting away with things, due to soft-on-crime policies.

Everyone, from the average citizen of the community to big-name businesses, is having to make adjustments accordingly.

Communities with higher rates of crime are therefore seeing more businesses exit, as these companies don’t want to put their workers in the line of fire each day.

One business that’s running into this problem is none other than Whole Foods, according to Fox News.

Trouble at the Flagship Store

San Francisco, California is well-known for its smash-and-grab robberies, along with other similar problems. However, this is quickly spiraling out of control, leaving businesses to reconsider whether they want to remain in this community.

Ira Kress is the president of Whole Foods and has voiced the problems his company faces as of late. Both rampant theft and violence have completely skyrocketed. Whole Foods is taking precautionary measures, such as sealing off razor blades, to help discourage this tyepe of behavior.

Amid the lack of drastic improvements in the community, it’s not hard to imagine why Whole Foods is going the way of other companies that are leaving crime-ridden cities.

Democrats Must Own This

At the local and state levels, California is overwhelmingly controlled by the Democrat Party. This means Democratic officials are passing the policies that enable theft, violence, and other forms of crime.

It also means there’s absolutely no accountability when it comes to holding folks accountable for their actions. Until this changes, companies are going to have no choice but to shut up shop and relocate to areas that actually do care about safety, law, and order.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.