Whistleblower Alleges Biden Engaged in ‘Kickback Scheme’

A previous staff member from the Obama era has recently stepped forward to expose dubious business transactions involving the Biden family.

This individual asserts that President Biden participated in a “shady arrangement,” which was linked to his son Hunter’s foreign business activities during his tenure as vice president.

Ex-White House Stenographer Claims Biden Engaged in Criminal Activity

For a decade and a half, Mike McCormick served as a stenographer at the White House.

During a conversation with “Fox & Friends First,” he revealed the FBI has continuously overlooked his warnings on this issue. Interestingly, he expressed a readiness to provide testimony under oath before the federal grand jury currently examining Hunter’s case.

“Joe Biden Event, November 2019, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden” by Louise Palanker

McCormick, on Thursday, stated that Biden has engaged in criminal acts to make sure his family gained financially. The president was also accused of roping other Obama administration aides into his alleged corruption.

During his tenure with Biden starting in 2011 up until 2017, McCormick recounted a significant exchange that took place between the vice president, his aide Jake Sullivan, and the media while flying in Air Force Two.

This happened just before setting off for Kyiv, Ukraine on April 21, 2014.

McCormick alleges Biden funneled US funds to enrich his family

Sullivan, who now serves as the national security adviser, delineated Biden’s objectives for the visit to Ukraine in an official White House transcript.

Interestingly, this included promoting American investments in the Ukrainian energy sector, a mere few days after Hunter had been appointed to the board of Burisma, as reported by the New York Post.

In the subsequent months, following the completion of the trip, Congress designated a substantial sum of $50 million to support the energy market in Ukraine.

Hunter became a board member of the Ukrainian natural gas corporation on April 18, a mere three days prior to Biden and his team’s departure for Kyiv. However, this crucial detail remained undisclosed until May 12.

According to McCormick, the sequence of events implies that Biden channeled American funds abroad with the intention of “enriching” himself and his family, while leveraging his influence to support his son’s burgeoning energy career.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.