What Democrats Are Up to While You’re Struggling with Gas Prices

Travelers are preparing to load up their vehicles and journey across the state to see relatives for Thanksgiving and Christmas; this coincides with the busiest time of the year for commuters.

However, in contrast to the last couple of years, things are likely to be far more costly this time around. Since Joe Biden walked into the White House earlier this year, the price of gas has virtually quadrupled.

This is due to Biden’s rapid cancellation of pipelines and dissolution of government leases.

Moreover, inflation is wreaking havoc on Americans across the board, with double-digit price rises on the supplies needed to prepare those holiday dinners. Furthermore, those who choose to fly, rather than drive, this holiday season will be in no better shape, with rental car costs reaching exorbitant levels.

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

So, what exactly are our political leaders doing in response to all of this? They’re passing more large spending packages to finance corporate lobbyists, tax cuts for the wealthy, and climate change blunders.

They are also doing all these while grinning in your face as you experience the repercussions of their actions. Rome is engulfed in flames, and they are gyrating.

In their celebration of robbing more of your cash to finance their ineffectual social desires, these cognitively shallow morons show no concern for what average folks are going through.

To members of Congress, such as Ilhan Omar, this is all a game of chance. They believe they are transformative individuals who have been granted the authority to reshape the nation in their likeness and at your expense.

You can’t afford to fill up your car’s petrol tank; your heating costs have soared and bacon has risen to the status of a delicacy in your household. Do you have a sense of being taken advantage of yet?

Anticipating the 2022 Midterms

Also, take a wild guess at the one largest line item in the budget bill. It amounts to a massive handout to the extremely rich in deeply blue states, as the SALT tax ceiling is being raised to a higher level.

Nancy Pelosi is poised to get a lot more money, which she will use to purchase costly ice cream, while steak is hard to come by.

These individuals are no longer concerned with pretending to be empathic. You can’t help but notice how they are sticking your nose in it while enacting tax cuts for their wealthy supporters and ruining the value of your retirement funds.

After all, it isn’t going to have an impact on them. Once they reach the top, they are content to yank the ladder back down to their starting point. At this time, you almost have to appreciate the sincerity of the person.

Nevertheless, their time will come. Even if Democrats are having a good time at the moment, the 2022 midterm elections are approaching faster than a hurricane forming offshore. The resulting reaction will be the stuff of folklore.