VP Kamala Harris’ Team Knocks Hard on CNN’s Reporting

The news making the rounds in recent times is about Kamala Harris, the vice president of America. The difference this time around wasn’t talking about her travel down to France or any other nation around the world.

This time, it is about Harris’ team responding to a news report by CNN, stating she has an exasperated demeanor. The report also claimed Harris is fond of having rifts with her team or the White House. 

Some officials have weighed in on the news report by CNN. While claiming anonymity, most of them stated the vice president’s team disappointed her a lot of times.

In giving this news report credence, they alluded to how CNN tainted Harris’ image from when she was a district attorney in San Francisco until the present moment. 

In the same vein, two of the commenters have recounted the tension between Kamala Harris and the White House; this has resulted in an impasse at numerous intervals. This position of things is far from the impression showcased by the media. 

The Relationship Between Harris and Biden

There are a lot of things the media shields from the masses, one of which is the exact status of relationships that occur between leaders.

While Kamala Harris’ relationship might look cordial with her boss, Joe Biden, aides who work with both parties have expressed they seldom reach a compromise when they have rifts with each other. 

In shedding more light on the playout of events, Harris’ team (while giving their side of the story concerning her appointment on the border crisis) expressed why Harris was given the assignment.

They opined Biden was trying to reprimand Harris for being unable to answer questions that center primarily on immigration. 

What Harris’ Ratings State at the Moment

A lot of attention has been drawn towards Kamala Harris ever since her trip to France; she could be seen feigning a French accent while visiting one of the COVID-19 labs in the country.

It was upon her return to America the news report from CNN was unveiled. Of course, just as expected, Harris’ team would not have any of it, as they went on to cheer the vice president for her efforts in the last few months.

The approval rating of Harris is currently pegged below that of Biden. At a below-average of 28%, it would not amount to mere rhetoric to say Americans are aware of all that happens in their political cycle.

In the middle of backlash against the vice president, if no member of her team deems it fit to call a spade, then it is likely the vice president’s staffers are not her team members. Instead, they are leeches feeding on the integrity and payroll of working with the vice president.