Virginia Lt. Gov. Sears Defends Lawful Gun Owners Post-Richmond Shooting

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears spoke out against calls for gun control. This happened after a Richmond high school graduation ended with the murder of two people and injured others. 

Sears comments came after the 19-year-old Amari Pollard opened fire at Huguenot High School at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, killing two male participants: Shawn Jackson and Renzo Smith, ages 18 and 36.  

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney later said this type of violence should not happen anywhere. This echoed by calls from the Democrats to enact legislation on gun control. 

Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People 

Sears objected to the notion that violence is about guns, but rather gangs, stating when others look to harm, they seek out the defenseless. 

In an answer to the press, Sears said if you stripped the common citizenry of arms, criminals would still find a path to obtain them. 

Sears pointed out how gang activity in central Virginia is ignored in the predominant Democrat-controlled jurisdictions. 

Letting Criminals Out Only Creates More Problems

“Letting criminals back into local communities only further enhances the problem,” Sears said, “how many more victims there be until we realize enough is enough and strip the option of bail from them?”

“Who is in charge?” Sears said. “Who is the mayor there? Is that the chief of police? Who is he? I mean, let’s start calling people names,” she remarked.

She later went on to say that if there isn’t any serious accountability, then nothing is really going to change. It’s not enough just to claim that various tragedies happened without taking action. 

Virginia’s Democrat House Minority Leader Don Scott Jr. criticized the Virginia lt. governor, saying she ran a campaign of “brandishing a picture of an assault rifle and teaching people how to stop gun violence through gaslighting and political pandering.”