Vaccine Researchers Advise Biden to be More Like Trump

Before former President Trump was forced out of office, he left behind a long list of accomplishments for the economic system, the court system, national defense, and more.

Yet, possibly his most important accomplishment was Operation Warp Speed, which made a COVID vaccine sooner than most people thought was possible.

There is no doubt the immunization saved a lot of lives, ever since the first shots were given a year ago. Although, the vaccine’s effectiveness has turned out to be less than first thought.

He did this by driving a World War II-style strategy into the COVID pandemic. Trump, who likes and sometimes quotes the great US generals from World War II, did it by taking a similar approach.

Trump spent money on research that was done by people at different companies. He pressed the bureaucracy, and then pressed some more, to get scientists to do more than their minds told them to.

Biden Promised to Do a Better Job

Joe Biden alleged he’d do better than Trump. President Biden’s main goal when he took office was to push the vaccine made by President Trump.

Biden was caught off guard when the delta version came out, and he hasn’t known what to do since. A big part of Biden’s job approval rating was based on how people thought he handled the pandemic. That has been steadily declining.

People who study vaccines are telling President Biden to be more like President Trump. They would, of course, never say it out loud because they don’t want to be ostracized by the media. Yet, they want the president to start a new Operation Warp Speed to help vaccine research against the virus.

Omicron has the chance to be the first type that needs a new vaccine. Well-known scientists say the Biden administration needs to think bigger.

They would like the president to lead a worldwide effort to make a so-called “super vaccine,” which would safeguard against any new coronavirus strain.

Biden Now Needs to Follow Trump’s Footsteps

We need a coronavirus vaccine that isn’t affected by different strains of the virus. The scientists said they can do this, but there hasn’t been the strength or a way to do it.

Politico says the labs operating on a variant-proof COVID vaccine are spread out across the United States and often copy each other’s work. The National Institutes of Health hasn’t made it a top priority to deal with this.

Then, there’s another Operation Warp Speed that comes into play. Trump knew to solve a big problem quickly would require a big, well-coordinated, and well-funded effort.

Then, Trump did it, even though many people in the media laughed when Trump announced Operation Warp Speed in March 2020. Now, Biden could perhaps look to Trump as an example of how to be a leader when it comes to vaccine production.