Unreal: NC Governor Declares a State of Emergency Over School Choice Bill

Democratic Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper declared a “state of emergency for public education” on Monday. This happened over an anticipated school choice bill soon to be passed by the Republican-led state legislature.

The bill itself is part of a conservative initiative to push back against woke educational policies and critical race theory in schools, giving parents greater autonomy over their child’s curriculum.


It is unclear as to why a “state of emergency” was even needed when it came to confronting a simple bill. Cooper said while it is not as crucial as a hurricane or pandemic, it is no less important.

Cooper’s justification is that the GOP-dominated House and Senate aim to somehow “strangle” public education and issuing a state of emergency is a means of communicating such a “threat.”


The declaration attracted much criticism, including Independent Women’s Forum senior policy analyst Kelsey Bolar pointing out how Cooper himself sends his children to private schools.

The Conservative Twitter account PoIiMath called it an abuse of executive power to declare a state of emergency over school choice.

Corey De Angelis, an advocate for school choice, said Cooper and the liberal establishment feel threatened, given the loss of control over the minds of the youth.

DeAngelis, despite Cooper, believes the bill has a great chance of passing.

Cosponsor Representative Tricia Cotham, in response to Governor Cooper, stated the bill gives parents the right to adjust their child’s educational needs, whether it be medical or simply how the curriculum is laid out and what is being taught.

GOP majorities dominate both the North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate, creating a rather odd circumstance for Cooper since voters bestowed Republicans that legislative authority in the first place.

Cooper also attempted to end the Opportunity Scholarship Program which provided vouchers to lower-income students.