Tucker Carlson Warns That Antifa Is A Political Organization

On Friday, an anchor of Fox News, Tucker Carlson, stated Antifa “does not appear by accident.” The group seeks to gain a political outcome in the aftermath of the Memphis police department’s release of a video showing a tragic incident involving cops and a driver.

Planning Riots

According to Carlson, at that same time, Antifa was orchestrating riots on both coasts and in the middle of the country.

This would encompass the cities of Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles, as well as Atlanta, New York City, and the suburbs of Washington, DC, amongst other places.

Times Square saw the installation of barricades. The New York Police Department was concerned about potential assaults on police officers and public transit.

Carlson proceeded by saying a local Antifa group in Frederick, Maryland made the statement that their wrath is greater than any power.

He went on to say, of course, by the morning, we’ll know whether it is true, but we currently know the assertion contains an element of deception inside it.

The video footage of a conflict between Tyre Nichols and members of the Memphis Police Department on January 7 was released on Friday, which sparked the beginning of demonstrations on Saturday.

After Nichols passed away from injuries incurred in the confrontation that occurred during a traffic check, six police officers were terminated from their positions and prosecuted in connection with the incident.

Organized Body

Carlson stated Antifa is not comprised of a group of thugs. These are not bored teenagers who suddenly materialize out of thin air because they are so incensed by something they saw on cable news or discovered on Twitter.

Antifa is a political organization whose acts are always designed to have some kind of impact on the political outcome; this is a given. Antifa did not come into existence by chance. Every single time Antifa makes an appearance, its goal is to influence the outcome of a political election.

Carlson said one critique of the people watching from home is we overlook that because every station is telling us something bad happened and showing us a video of it and occasionally, the footage really is terrible.

They go on to indicate the viewers’ repressed fury and violent tendencies are unleashed as a direct result of seeing this video. This, however, is not the case.

Conservative gatherings on college campuses and at political rallies have purportedly been threatened or attacked by Antifa in the past; there was a riot during Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

Carlson added who exactly is organizing Antifa? We have no idea. In what way might we possibly benefit from knowing? For what purpose? Right now, we really don’t know.

However, at this time, Antifa is actively organizing to conduct acts of violence in cities around the United States. It’s a political militia, if you will.