Trump Aims to Crush “Deep State” in 2024 Run with Early Iowa Visits and GOP Endorsements

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly working on a plan to avoid missteps that occurred during his previous presidential campaigns. According to sources familiar with the matter, the plan focuses on early state visits, specifically Iowa.

Trump is planning to start visiting Iowa as early as the summer of 2023 to build relationships with key officials and party activists.

The Deep State

The former president also spoke about the “Deep State” and promised to “totally obliterate” it. He accused the Department of Justice of being filled with “crooks” and suggested they would be gone once he was elected.

While some of his supporters saw these comments as a sign of his commitment to fighting government corruption, others criticized them as unfounded and dangerous.

One of the criticisms leveled against Trump during his previous campaigns was his failure to do enough groundwork in early-voting states, which contributed to his losses in states like Iowa during the 2016 Republican primary.

The former president is determined not to repeat those mistakes this time around.

In addition to his visits to Iowa, Trump is reportedly working on building a stronger fundraising operation and already began endorsing Republican candidates who support his policies.

By backing like-minded candidates, Trump hopes to build a broad coalition of supporters who will help propel him to the nomination and ultimately to the White House.

However, Trump has been tight-lipped about his potential running mate. Some speculate he may choose a new running mate to broaden his appeal and attract a wider base of supporters.


Despite his preparations, Trump still faces obstacles in his bid for the presidency. While he remains a popular figure among Republicans, his tenure as president was marked by controversy. Many voters remain deeply divided over his policies and leadership style.

Additionally, Trump may face stiff competition in the Republican primary, with several high-profile figures reportedly considering a run for the nomination.

Still, Trump’s supporters remain confident in his ability to win back the White House in 2024. Many believe his bold, uncompromising style and focus on issues like immigration, trade, and national security will resonate with voters across the country.

Meanwhile, Democrats are gearing up for a tough fight in 2024, with several potential candidates vying for the nomination.

While many see President Biden as a strong contender, his age and recent health issues have raised questions about his ability to run for a second term.

As the presidential race heats up, all eyes will be on the early-voting states like Iowa, where candidates will have the chance to make their case to voters and build momentum heading into the primaries.

For Trump, the road ahead may be challenging, but with careful planning and a focus on key states like Iowa, he may be able to secure the nomination.