Trump Advised to Drop Michigan AG Candidate Before Rally

In a new television campaign ad airing only in Palm Beach, Florida, former President Trump is encouraged to withdraw his support for Michigan Attorney General nominee Matt DePerno.

The commercial began airing on Wednesday and will continue to air until Saturday. This is the same day Trump will travel to Michigan to cheer for Matt DePerno and other Republicans he supported in the primary coming up in August.

They bought time on Fox News, the Golf Channel, Comcast, and also on AT&T, focusing on the West Palm Beach/Fort Pierce area, including Trump’s private social resort and headquarters.

To sum up, “Republicans need a victor running for Michigan attorney general, not another grifting failure like Matt DePerno,” the voiceover in the commercial states at the end of the commercial.

Trump’s Backing

President Trump endorsed DePerno because he agreed with the former president’s unsupported assertions that the 2020 election was rigged, particularly in Michigan.

President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in Michigan by 154,188 votes, winning 50.62 percent to 47.84 percent.

However, a lot of top Republicans in Michigan are seriously against the candidacy of DePerno, as they consider him a deeply flawed candidate.

DePerno’s opponents in the Republican party are seriously trying to persuade Donald Trump to take back his support from the Michigan attorney general candidate.

This comes less than a week after the former president stopped supporting Rep. Mo Brooks in the Alabama GOP Senate primary.

They want to persuade the 45th president that DePerno is equally problematic and jeopardizes his political credibility in the same way that Trump changed his opinion about Brooks on the campaign road in Alabama.

It is said in the voiceover that “it was all on the line, and Matt DePerno disappointed President Trump” as the advertisement begins.

As part of a determined attempt to elevate individuals who support his accusations of a stolen election, Trump has sponsored many Republican candidates running for various posts in Michigan’s Aug. 2 primary. 

Tweets and Skepticism

Several senior Republican operatives in Michigan have expressed reservations about many of them, including DePerno.

Michigan Republicans feel he feel would lose the general election against incumbent Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel. However, the Republican Party is gaining ground in Michigan.

Republicans opposed to DePerno’s nomination brought up the issue of tweets the Michigan attorney general candidate sent out last year.

These tweets were critical of Trump partners Matt Schlapp and Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, as part of their work to derail his campaign for governor.

DePerno charged Schlapp and McDaniel with misusing cash gathered to bankroll Trump’s legal attempts to combat alleged election fraud in 2020.

Schlapp and McDaniel denied the allegations.

Will former President Trump listen to reason and drop his support for Matt DePerno? We will have to wait and see.