The Vaccine Deadline is a Threat to the American People

Over the short period that President Biden’s been in office, many things have occurred. One very peculiar case is the rancor over the deadline given for taking the COVID-19 vaccine. 

There has been a wide uproar once again by the American people, due to the implementation of a vaccination mandate. A lot of Americans have a lot of comments about this. 

The Effect of the Mandate

President Biden doesn’t understand the mandate he gave for taking the COVID vaccine is a threat to the nation. Workers from all walks of life are being hindered from going to their respective jobs if they don’t take the vaccine.

If this is not done in moderation, it could expose well-meaning Americans to the hazards of being idle. The big question now is this: does Joe Biden intend to make law-abiding Americans defaulters of the law because they didn’t take a vaccine that he intends to compel them to take? 

Just two days ago, back in the city of Chicago, the deadline arrived for police officers, firefighters, and city workers to report their vaccination status. Although the police union revolted against it, the mandate is a menace.

It’s a menace that affects every American who believes in the democratic system where there is no compulsion to subscribe to a trend just because the government says so. 

In the same democratic society, the government derives its power from the people who elected it. Hence, the government should listen to the people before making any policy changes.  

The Response of the Affected Workers

More than 50% of police officers responded to the mandate given by the Biden-led government. Their viewpoint is the government is only compelling them because of the incompetence of the police department. 

Everyone knows places like Chicago and Seattle can be volatile spaces if specific measures are not in place. Over 40% of police are on the verge of being laid off and almost 400 workers are losing their jobs because they can’t provide evidence of being vaccinated.

Now, the intentions of the current administration regarding the new mandate have become unclear.

The bulk of people on the verge of being laid off from their respective jobs are trained experts. They have also gathered many years of experience in their fields.

If the government decides to terminate their employment based on non-compliance with the vaccine mandate, would it not be an indirect plan to empower the unseen enemies? These are the same enemies hoping to capitalize on this loophole to carry out their well-planned heinous agenda.

Besides, if the president thinks the best way to solve the COVID problem is by enforcing vaccine mandates, he is mistaken. Biden will only create more problems if Americans choose to walk off jobs instead of getting the jab.

The labor force in the country is already lean. Biden should not be doing more to worsen the situation.