The Justice Department is Forming a Reproductive Rights Task Force

More than two weeks ago, Roe v. Wade met its end at the hands of the Supreme Court. This ruling lets states have the final say on their own abortion laws; however, the ramifications of this ruling are still playing out.

Blue states have vowed to extend access to abortion in their communities; meanwhile, red states are passing laws to crack down against, if not outrightly ban, abortion.

Left-wing activists are taking it upon themselves to personally go after the conservative Supreme Court justices who voted against Roe v. Wade last month. Naturally, the Biden administration hasn’t condemned this behavior at all.

However, the White House is having the Justice Department put together a Reproductive Rights Task Force, according to Newsmax.

The Ins and Outs of the Reproductive Rights Task Force

Vanita Gupta, the US associate attorney general, is going to lead this task force. Alongside her in helping lead the task force will be members linked to the Office of the Solicitor General, the Civil Rights Division, and other similar headquarters.

The Justice Department laid out in no uncertain terms what the Reproductive Rights Task Force will do. The work of this body will involve oversight of local and state-level laws pertaining to abortion.

This task force will also take action against laws that are perceived as at odds with federal measures concerning abortion. News of this body comes after Biden recently passed executive action to promote and widen access to both contraception and abortion.

Some components of this executive action involve permitting shipments of abortion pills and working to prevent states from banning this form of ending a pregnancy.

Bowing to Political Pressure?

The birth of the Reproductive Rights Task Force is far from a coincidence. It comes as Biden continues to be hammered by Democrats who believe his reaction to the removal of Roe has been too lackluster.

Some within the Democrat Party have called for Biden to announce a state of emergency over the exit of Roe v. Wade; others even called for abortion clinics to be set up on federal lands as a workaround against red states cracking down against abortion.

The Biden administration resisted both of these calls, along with members of the Democrat Party who are branding Biden’s reaction to the Supreme Court ruling as weak-kneed.

The Reproductive Rights Task Force is already generating massive amounts of online backlash from Americans who are against abortion.

What are your thoughts about the Justice Department establishing a Reproductive Rights Task Force? How do you assume this will square with states putting in place their own restrictions on abortion?

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