The GOP Sees Midterms Potential in Biden’s Border Disputes

Next year, one of the primary Republicans seeking to oust an Arizona Democrat used expletives when criticizing President Biden’s poor border policies and the harm they represent to American citizens.

Brnovich, a Montenegrin and Croatian by descent, stated immigration is not inherently negative, but illegal immigration weakens the law.

A wall between the U.S. and Mexico and stricter immigration enforcement are priorities for Brnovich. Republican candidates in other states have also used immigration as a campaign issue.

The Republican National Committee’s national press secretary, Emma Vaughn, said the party leaned largely on the offensive in its campaign plan. Immigration affects Americans everywhere, not just border communities. 

The top 12 problems for Democrats were not immigration. Anger, in comparison to other emotions, encourages voting. 

A complaint claiming Biden failed to examine the environmental implications of illegal immigration, such as degradation and impact on natural resources, was filed by Brnovich this year. 

Kelly has questioned Biden’s approach at times on the southern border, most recently writing to the president on Dec. 16 to urge him to repair Arizona’s border walls.

Kelly also pushed Biden to repair the harm done by Trump’s border wall development. 

Strife Within the Democrat Party

However, internal government disagreements and continuing legal challenges hindered Biden’s ability to roll back all of Trump’s stringent immigration initiatives. 

Per Reuters, immigration supporters in the Biden administration are dissatisfied with his border policy, including mass deportations of Haitians captured crossing from Mexico. 

Forcing migrants to stay in Mexico while their U.S. asylum petitions are processed, Biden maintained in place a broad, Trump-era border deportation policy adopted when the COVID-19 outbreak began. 

Per a White House official, there are no conflicts between Susan Rice and Domestic Policy Council personnel. He said Republicans concentrated aggressively on immigration before the 2018 midterm elections, but lost the House to Democrats. 

Presidential Aspirations

Republicans and their supporters are already advertising immigration-themed ads ahead of the next election. It also paints the border as lawless, targeting Biden and other Democrats. 

A man’s voice-over video of migrants struggling with Mexican officials alleges President Biden damaged the country’s border control measures. The commercial will run in both Spanish and English to attract Hispanic voters. 

Texas and Florida Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis criticized Biden’s immigration policy. Three U.S. officials said Abbott and DeSantis are considered potential Republican presidential candidates in 2024.

A senior Biden administration official said the government works with non-governmental friends to counteract the criticism. The official added this approach resulted in the displacement of scores of migrant families. 

In that same year, the White House hopes to get traction on its much-vaunted proposal to speed up asylum adjudication at the southern border. 

However, many pro-immigrant campaigners, like Jennifer Quigley, senior manager for government relations at Human Rights First, are skeptical. Asylum seekers are not seen as political winners, according to Quigley.