Biden Plans a Foolish Gas Price Measure That Will Fail

According to the latest reports, the gas price problem in the United States is continuing to spin out of hand. The gas price in the south has more than doubled in subsequent months, reaching more than $3.00 per gallon.

However, this is still relatively low, compared to locations like California, where one outlet recently charged more than $7.00 per gallon for regular gasoline. That’s enough to have Europe pale in the face of reality.

Of course, the Biden presidency (in cahoots with far-left illusions about global warming ruining the earth) brought all of this to the United States. It was not the people who brought it upon themselves.

So, what’s the remedy to this problem? Is it to increase the amount of domestic drilling? Is it time to give the green light to Keystone XL, as well as other transmission lines? Should we allow for additional fracking and provide more leases in the United States?

Not at all; the remedy is apparently to ask an assortment of terrorist-coddling nations in the Middle East to produce more oil in the most environmentally damaging method imaginable.

Increasing Gas Prices Instead of Doing the Smart Thing

According to Bruno Maçes on Twitter, the Biden presidency is becoming more concerned about rising gas prices, which have hit a seven-year high. The government has already been urging OPEC to produce more oil for several weeks.

We may all agree there is a lot of folly associated with this, but let’s concentrate on the reality we all share a planet.

In other words, if the American left is worried about global warming, they aren’t combating it by preventing greener power generation (including nat gas) in the country’s internal energy markets.

The fact OPEC is pumping more oil out of the desert is exacerbating the problem.

Instead of increasing domestic output (which will result in less pollution if natural gas is used in a significant portion of that output), why not build more next-generation nuclear power plants to meet demand?

At a time when the economy is stagnant and inflation is out of control, this would also give employment opportunities to Americans. The problem is this proposition contains too much basic logic; the White House does not function on a logic-based foundation.

The entire conflict over indigenous energy generation is a giant, self-defeating morality play. No, that does not make logical sense, regardless of whether one’s purpose is to reduce carbon emissions.

Nonetheless, Biden detonated the Keystone XL pipeline because he intended to give the impression that pink-haired leftists who block highways are rescuing the world.

Biden’s Administration Refuses to Help Americans

Meanwhile, ordinary Americans are bearing the brunt of the burden of rising energy expenses. This is happening not only at the pump, but also at home, eating away at Americans’ already meager incomes.

Finally, it’s essential to recognize blaming OPEC isn’t going to get you anywhere. The reason they never bowed to American pressure was they had no reason to do so. That strategy failed under President Obama and it is unlikely to succeed now.

So, regardless of the situation, the solution is increased home production. The fact Biden would not do everything in his ability to assist economically disadvantaged Americans is simply another stain on a presidency that has already been heavily soiled.

Of course, this isn’t anything that should be surprising. This is the same president who abandoned Americans stuck in enemy territory in Afghanistan; therefore, leaving people seems to be a habit for Biden these days.