Biden Administration Releasing Thousands of Illegal Immigrants into the US

The border crisis in the United States doesn’t look likely to end anytime soon with the Biden administration’s lackadaisical attitude towards border policies. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants made their way to the US since Biden took over.

The situation continues to worsen, as Border Patrol is getting overwhelmed by the number of people making it to our border.

As if the border crisis isn’t bad enough, the Biden administration is now releasing thousands of illegal immigrants into the US. According to new documents that Fox News obtained, the Biden administration is catching and releasing thousands of illegal immigrants into the country without supervision.

The Extent of the Damage

According to the documents leaked to Fox News, over 160,000 illegal immigrants were let into the United States by the Biden administration since March.

Besides, most of the immigrants released have little to no supervision. Aside from that, the administration used parole authorities to make over 30,000 of these illegal immigrants eligible for work permits since August.


The documents reveal over 94,570 illegal immigrants were released into the country since March 20 with notices to report. With this notice, immigrants are only required to report back to an ICE office when they get to their final destination.

The problem with this is their destination could be anywhere in the country. Aside from that, those who check-in with ICE are not detained or deported.

Furthermore, more than 32,000 of these immigrants got let in via parole by this administration. This process gives them a form of legal status that makes them eligible for work permits.

According to federal law, parole authority can only be used sparingly for urgent humanitarian purposes and “significant public benefit.” Under normal circumstances, only a few parole cases are approved by officials.

Yet, the Biden administration has been granting parole cases without caution. Besides, aside from granting parole to illegal immigrants, this administration also granted parole to thousands of Afghans in the country as part of Operation Allies Welcome.

To make matters worse, more than 40,000 illegal immigrants have also been released into the country since August 6 on their own recognizance. In addition, the documents also show 128 adult immigrants were released in the Del Rio sector without ATD, which includes tracking by phone or ankle monitor.

Former Border Control Chief Examines the Situation

Rodney Scott, a former Border Patrol chief, expressed his dissatisfaction to Fox News after reviewing the documents. He said he believes the Biden administration is abusing its parole authority.

Rodney Scott commented the law requires parole should only be granted occasionally when there’s a notable humanitarian reason or if the decision will greatly benefit the public. He also added after examining the situation, the circumstances do not apply to the current situation.

Scott further noted he doesn’t think he ever approved more than five to ten paroles in a year when he was a field chief. He also remarked on occasions where he approved parole, he ensured the immigrant was monitored, detained, or removed when the situation allowed it.

From Scott’s testimony, it is clear the current administration isn’t following due process when granting parole. The number of illegal immigrants the administration is releasing into the country without proper monitoring is also worrisome. Biden needs to secure the border. He also needs to make policies that ensure immigrants released into the country are well monitored.