Texas Moves Closer to Stopping Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration in the United States continues to be a very real problem. It poses threats to the health, safety, and well-being of Americans.

Believe it or not, migrants who attempt to enter this nation illegally are also putting themselves at grave risk. Those who make dangerous journeys are often subjected to harsh elements and other dangers that can be fatal.

In spite of all that’s at stake here, the Biden administration has consistently refused to get a hold of illegal immigration. That’s Biden’s job as the leader of the executive branch. However, since the president won’t act, border states like Texas are having to pick up the slack.

Fresh developments from Just the News reveal that the Lone Star State is now one step closer to stopping illegal immigration.

Texas State Legislature Takes Action

Just days ago, the Texas Senate cleared a proposal that would empower the state’s law enforcement to apprehend those who illegally cross the southern border from Mexico.

This bill, in effect, would formally acknowledge unlawful entry into the Lone Star State from foreign nations as a crime. Hence, as officers of the law, Texas officials have the duty and purview to uphold the law.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has consistently made it clear that he’s not going to stand by and let illegal immigration take over his state. Those who are thinking of trying to break into Texas anyway via the southern border should reconsider this course of action.

All Eyes on the Texas House of Representatives

In order for this bill to pass the state legislature and reach Abbott’s desk, the Texas House of Representatives has to clear it. So far, it turns out that the House State of Affairs Committee is set to review the bill.

Americans can stay tuned to learn whether or not the work to empower Texas law enforcement ultimately makes it across the finish line.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.