Teachers’ Unions Around the Nation Seek an End to In-Person Teaching

The reintroduction of virtual learning is being pushed by teachers’ unions across the country. This is due to an increase in coronavirus infections, which is causing further tension between educators, lawmakers, and parents.

Educators in Massachusetts, according to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), will not be reverting to safe surroundings.

According to Beth Kontos, president of the American Federation of Teachers in Massachusetts, the examinations offered by the state provide for testing of all educators and staff members.

It should be accompanied by virtual learning, until the present infectious wave subsides.

He further stated this is hardly the moment to start pointing fingers at anyone.

Rather, it’s time for Governor Baker and Commissioner Riley to admit they’re facing an out-of-control public health disaster. They must admit sending pupils back to school on Monday would only exacerbate the problem.

Baker’s Stance on In-person Learning

According to Baker, in-person education is vital to students’ education and mental health and should be encouraged as much as possible.

He believes the great number of school districts and schools in Massachusetts is officially opening. He thinks it is significant and a tremendously good reflection of the great labor so many individuals around the state are doing to ensure children receive the education they are entitled to. 

Meanwhile, the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) advocated for a moratorium on in-person education in 2021; it also demanded a slew of initiatives, including mask regulations and unfettered access to COVID testing.

According to West Hartford Public Schools Superintendent Tom Moore, the loss of in-person teaching is just too high. The allure of virtual learning is lost on Moore and his team.

The state of Connecticut doesn’t quite recognize online learning as a substitute for in-school hours this year; so any missed remote days must be made up.

Chicago and New York

Teachers in Chicago allegedly missed work, due to the virus.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) board members are slated to convene Monday and decide on the matter Tuesday, as per Block Club Chicago.

According to Lightfoot, the whole district relying on remote learning was too painful to ignore.

WBEZ stated teachers planned to strike on Wednesday. Last week, the CTU said Mayor Lightfoot’s vaccination efforts should be halted, unless more mitigations are implemented.

They want to remain in their buildings teaching children, but they also want thorough tiered mitigation that protects their lives, CTU Chairman Jesse Sharkey stated last week.

CPS has the funds, over $2 billion, according to them, to start protecting the people on Monday morning. There will be anarchy if those mitigations aren’t in effect by Monday.

A union in New York City said Mayor Eric Adams opposed remote learning. Per PIX 11, the city’s Education Department is collaborating with school authorities to ensure they’re completely prepared to securely welcome kids and employees back on Monday.