State of the Union Reaction: Iowa Gov. Criticizes Biden

Iowa GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds responded to President Biden’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, declaring parents matter and Biden’s policies make it difficult—and risky—to raise children in America.

She said a violent crime wave hit our cities, and Soviet troops tried to remake the international map.

On the international scene, Reynolds said, “Weakness has a cost, and the president’s foreign policy strategy has always been too late.”

“It’s time for America to regain confidence and resolve,” Reynolds added. “Weakness at home can’t convey strength abroad.”

Reynolds also stated many Americans are waiting for the “insanity” to end.

Her Statement Excerpts

The Republican governor stated violent crime is out of hand, liberal judges are lenient on criminals, and many influential Democrats want to abolish the police.

Everything seems to be backward. This administration demands immunizations for Americans who want to work or defend the country, but not illegal aliens.

Parents are treated like domestic terrorists, while looters and shoplifters are not. Americans are made to feel like the enemy.

This is not the same nation. The president sought to present a different picture, but his actions did not match his words. It’s not what he pledged when elected.

However, Reynolds proposed an alternative centered on parents and a government that “works sufficiently, but performs in the background.”

When several blue states closed down and kept students out of school during COVID-19, GOP governors listened to the facts and kept schools open.

Though, according to Reynolds, the pro-family movement begins in the classroom. Keeping schools open is merely the beginning of the Republican pro-parent, pro-family movement in Iowa and around the country.

Parents And Border Control

Republicans value parents. It was true before the epidemic and is true now: parents matter.

They have a right to be informed and influence what their children are taught.

Concerning illegal immigrants, Reynolds said families had “every right to live in a decent and protected community, and that starts with a safe country.”

She alleged the Biden administration had refused to protect the border. “They have refused to help curb human trafficking. Stop the massive flood of lethal narcotics into our communities. They won’t defend you.”

Reynolds observed that GOP states had taken border protection into their own hands. Finally, Governor Reynolds commented when Biden fails—which is pretty much every topic—the GOP leads.

The GOP stands up for parents, kids, and life. They protect the community and appreciate those in uniform. This includes biofuels. They are not paying people to remain at home. Above all, Republicans value your autonomy.

“You don’t have to inspect groceries to know what rising inflation is doing to people,” Reynolds said, referring to the president’s economic troubles.