State IG Moves to Investigate Biden’s Afghanistan Order

In a society where the rule of law thrives, it should not come as a surprise to see one segment of government checkmating the other. This is where the principles regarding separation of power & checks and balances find an equilibrium. 

The decision to evacuate American forces from Afghanistan was met with many opinions from people across the globe. Besides, at some point, it seemed like America was beginning to lose its hold at the forefront of other nations of the world.

This is one of many different reasons why the State Department’s Inspector General is making a move to decipher the reason for the actions of President Biden, regarding America’s moves in Afghanistan. 

There are a plethora of grey areas on which the investigation would focus; to mention a few of them would include why the American embassy was moved from Kabul, the special immigration visa (SIV) program, refugee procession of Afghans into America, among many others. 

Why is There an Investigation?

In a statement released by Acting Inspector General Diana Shaw, she unveiled her office wants to embark on a project intended to probe the United State’s diplomatic, military missions in Afghanistan.  

Ever since the recall of the United States military, the Afghanistan issue attracted wide attention from the United States’ House and Senate. Besides, since it is within the jurisdiction of the Inspector General of State’s Committee, it is expedient they investigate the underlying factors that caused the problems. 

Most Americans Convinced It was Biden’s Fault

While Shaw might have begun her probing plan, it appears veterans and the American masses already made up their minds about the events after the August 31st ultimatum  President Biden gave. Americans seem to think Biden was responsible for how things played out after his evacuation order. 

This was further corroborated with his near precise certainty the Taliban wouldn’t attack the United States embassy in Kabul. However, history has a way of repeating itself; shortly afterward, the Taliban attacked the United States embassy.

Many Americans and strategic leaders called for the resignation of diplomatic and military heads in the United States. The premise is the decision made by Biden left a power vacuum in Afghanistan.

It also left a lot of Americans trapped in Afghanistan. Additionally, these Americans do not know when they will be able to return to their country.

Americans familiar with the country’s foreign policies would recall the power vacuum that led to the insurgence of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. In light of this, Americans await the investigation from the State Department IG to pinpoint who should take the bulk of the blame. 

In the meantime, the president needs to understand his actions and policies have consequences. He should ensure none of his policies will put Americans at risk.