Shocking Disease Facts Emerge About NYC Illegal Aliens

The Biden-Harris regime pushed as hard as they could to get every American injected with the experimental COVID mRNA shots.

Those who didn’t want to be guinea pigs for large pharmaceutical corporations with no legal liability were often fired, publicly ridiculed, and barred from many public spaces, such as restaurants and stores.

Those who didn’t want the vaccine were told they “didn’t believe in science.” Well, talking about science, shocking new numbers are now coming out of New York City regarding illegal aliens.

It turns out fully 50% of illegal immigrants in the Big Apple are not even vaccinated against polio.


Yes, the many thousands of undocumented illegal aliens pouring into cities like New York are potential carriers of polio!

New York City health chief Ashwin Vasan is far from conservative or anti-immigration, but he recently wrote a letter to health authorities in the city, demanding that more be done to protect against the threat.

Joe Biden won’t protect the border. Illegals get dumped in places like New York with 50% unvaccinated against even the most basic diseases!

This is a city where many nurses and regular people lost their jobs and were denied basic rights for not getting dangerous mRNA injections.

Yet, you have non-citizens leeching off the system who aren’t even protected against the most basic of diseases allowed in and roaming the streets.

The Biden-Harris regime has truly created an upside-down system that is endangering all of us.

Want Some TB With That Green Card?

As Vasan recently revealed, many of these illegals go through countries with high rates of TB and diseases like polio, chickenpox, and more.

They’re potentially carrying these illnesses and pathogens when they enter the US. They are then released on asylum claims and go all over, potentially spreading it to American citizens!

As Vasan correctly notes, “more than 50,000” illegals have come up from the southern border and been deposited in New York. The “need” to deal with them potentially carrying diseases like polio needs to be taken very seriously.

This Isn’t About Politics

The health of US citizens isn’t politics. The Biden-Harris regime is a treasonous stain on the nation that is letting unvaccinated illegal aliens infect Americans.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.