Selective Journalism is Killing American Media

In journalism, when emphasis revolves around particular content, it means the propagators of such content intend to achieve something of essence. This was the exact situation of things before the presidential polls in 2016.

Then, most American media always had a story revolving around Donald Trump. It was suddenly apparent to everyone the American news media had personal vendettas against him. 

Fast forward to the timing after the polls, and all of a sudden, Donald Trump’s news no longer gained momentum as it used to. At this point, it would be a no-brainer for news media to continue churning out the same distasteful content as they once did.

It was clear at that point, popular American news media like CNN and cable news practice selective journalism. This kills the unbiased nature of the sort of news typical Americans expect of them. 

The Bias in America’s News Media

If history can be recalled vividly, prior to the 2020 polls that ushered in the administration of Joe Biden, cable news detailed the sort of content that showcased Donald Trump as one likely to rig the elections in his favor.

Biden won the election through allegedly fraudulent ways. Yet, the respective American news media couldn’t undo the painting of Donald Trump in the wrong light.

Seeing how things panned out, one would have expected the same news media that gave content destroying Trump’s strength of character would go ahead to provide details about how Trump is having the time of his life in Florida.

Well, this wasn’t done, and it goes further to prove the biased nature of the American news media. For one new to American society, something of essence that would be easy to detect is most reputable American news media prefers to paint a stereotype of a popular public figure.

This was the exact situation of things as they were done with former President Donald Trump. 

The Present Day Response of Americans to U.S. Media

Times have changed, and just like that musical act said, yesterday was the time of our lives. Currently, in America, gone are those days when hosting a Sunday show on television was considered a huge gig.

In recent times, many things have changed; now, we realize popular television hosts like Chuck Todd are already jaded. They are jaded because they no longer enjoy the attention America’s media once used to attract. 

Sadly, rather than rebranding and trying out new means of presenting their content to the American masses, they prefer to repeat a cycle of delivering single narrative content. Still, this trend is already boring to typical Americans. 

If the media wants to survive and not completely fall off the map, they need to change their strategy.