Reversing Roe Will Be a National Critical Point

Like slavery and its residual ramifications, Roe v. Wade has burdened our nation with the humiliation and misery of authorized mass murder.

Unconstitutional and morally repulsive abortion regimes have challenged patriotism in America, just as slavery did in the past. 

Just as slavery posed an existential threat to America, so did Roe v. Wade. 

Legitimacy of the Court

This has obscured that if the Supreme Court doesn’t entirely overturn Roe, it will lose its legitimacy.

As explained on EWTN last week, the Supreme Court is a bogus, completely politicized institution. That will end the American republic and signify its complete transformation into something else. 

Because highly politicized choices like Roe, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and others like West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish have eroded the court’s legitimacy, the court’s credibility is maintained by faithfully enforcing the law without regard to politics.

Reversing Roe v. Wade would restore the Supreme Court’s authenticity, just as Plessy v. Ferguson did. 

Fixing the twisted Roe v. Wade case law would not only keep the Founders’ America intact for “one more period of restraint” but also liven up the country. It would give new life to an America that has been on hold for some time. 

Those willing to admit that abortion is the taking of human life have been burdened for decades by the knowledge that our own country allows it and even demands we participate in it.

Such a rule loses not only legitimacy, but also lifeblood. 

The potential overturning of Roe v. Wade is a huge chance to do great good. The chance to do great good is a powerful new motivator.

It would be a massive boost for those resisting the usurping regime’s massive efforts to stop us from seeing and talking about what it has done to our country. Within our nation, a great spiritual Berlin Wall crumbles. 

Without Roe, we can start from scratch and work our way up, instead of tinkering around the edges of a corrupt edifice. 

This is the most urgent action now, as the political and immoral left has devolved into a death cult. It would demonstrate that significant cultural wins are still possible and the left does not own America’s institutions.

Maybe that’s why the poll showed a rightward shift after the majority opinion to overturn Roe was leaked. 

Potential Adoptees

States will finally be able to make good on their voters’ presumption that the unborn are people deemed worthy of the best care civilization can offer.

With this policy in place, people can participate in more instant, tangible, and productive ways than protesting in the streets or on Twitter. 

Abortion no longer kills nearly all potential adoptees, so people can adopt or sponsor local children in need, as many churches do for children abroad. 

You never know how the biggest win in generations might energize the American majority that still values families and the actual Constitution over the murderous “living” one.

However, nothing is as energizing and refreshing as a new baby. Nothing is more unifying, animating, and lively. A baby saves a life. This is true for each of us individually and collectively. 

Children are the reason to get up in the morning. Making “Morning in America” again means fulfilling our responsibilities to children, both at home and at work. Taking care of them is best.

Culture dies spiritually and concretely without children. We may lose our babies again, but there is hope.

Having kids is the way to re-humanize. Being human means sacrificing oneself for the benefit of others.

A society lacking such individuals soon ceases to exist. The Supreme Court’s decision will thus affect not only the unborn, but also the nation. We must all pray and hope.