Republican Members of House Intelligence Committee Demand Biden-Xi Call Briefing

The GOP head of the House Intelligence Committee wants a report on President Biden’s two-hour phone discussion with Chinese Leader Xi Jinping.  

This is because China supports Russia’s assault on Ukraine.

Rep. Michael Turner informed the Washington Examiner that he notified Jake Sullivan the intelligence committee had not been briefed. 

China’s Ploy

China is trying to cast itself as a peace broker in Russia’s war against Ukraine while reinforcing Kremlin justifications and blaming the US.

The Chinese government’s summary of the call last week said, “China advocates for peace and opposes war.”

The reading includes Chinese proverbs such as “two hands clap” and “the bell must be untied from the tiger.”

“The White House claimed various national security matters were covered, including possible ramifications if China supports Russia’s illegitimate conflict in Ukraine,” Turner wrote to Sullivan.

“It offered vital information about the future of US-China relations and the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. I require a classified briefing on this call’s specifics.”

“China’s attention on Taiwan and its persistence in accusing NATO of the war in Ukraine arouse alarms,” said the Ohio Republican.

“This Russian attack on Ukraine is not the result of any steps taken by Ukraine or NATO,” Turner added. “It is unwarranted. Chinese propaganda in support of Russia must be criticized and held accountable.”

Turner suggested Biden ought to have made three points plain to Xi. “First, that the world is united behind Ukraine,” he explained.

“Secondly, the world’s democracies would stand together and not stand by as authoritarian regimes assault legitimately elected democratic states.”

“Third, there are genuine repercussions. Our united will is that the weight of the democratic nations’ support for Ukraine has ramifications for China, just as it does for Russia.”

“Empty conversations will not stop the CCP’s hostile conduct,” said Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

According to his office’s press statement, Xi took the opportunity to renew belligerence and threats towards Taiwan.

Repercussions and Dangers

When Biden and Xi spoke on March 18, the White House said Biden “explained what would happen if China provided material support to Russia.”

The United States’ policy on Taiwan has not changed; the United States will fight against any unilateral changes. On Thursday, Biden was questioned about the call in Brussels.

The president said he had an honest chat with Xi and made sure he understood the risks of supporting Russia.

The president said he told Xi that sending weapons to Russia could hurt China’s economic ties with the US and Europe, hurting China’s business.

“I believe China recognizes its economic future is related to the West, not Russia,” Biden added. “I’m hoping he doesn’t get engaged.”

The president “characterized the implications and repercussions if China gives substantial help to Russia,” according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.