Rep. Liz Cheney Fights Trump-backed Wyoming GOP Challenger

Rep. Liz Cheney, a prominent Trump opponent, faces severe political obstacles in her reelection run as Trump and his allies try to oust her from her Wyoming House seat.

Trump got 70% of the vote in Wyoming in 2020, despite having lost the White House to Joe Biden.

Cheney faces Harriet Hageman, a Trump-backed GOP primary opponent, on August 16. She needs to win over supporters of the former president, while keeping the GOP’s loudest voice against Trump.

Voted to Impeach Trump

Cheney voted to impeach Trump for the Jan. 6 Capitol protests when his supporters tried to thwart Biden’s Electoral College triumph.

Cheney won’t budge from her stance that Trump is “dangerous and illogical” and shouldn’t be reelected. She lost her House Republican leadership post in May 2021 due to pressure from GOP colleagues and state party authorities.

She ran for reelection days before Trump held a rally in Casper to promote Hageman.

Trump called Cheney a “backstabbing RINO” and said she and her dad, who represented Wyoming in the House from 1979 to 1989, are “warmongers.”

Trump said Cheney’s choice to join the Jan. 6 riots select committee benefited Democrats.

Cheney sided with Trump 92.9% of the time from 2017 to 2020, but linking the congresswoman to the Democrats seems to have resonated with her followers.

Theresa Wright of Cheyenne, who attended Trump’s event, labeled Cheney a “career politician.”

She remarked, “She’s in Virginia representing Wyoming and her father’s history. She’s not worthy of Wyoming. All these Bush, Clinton, Cheney family dynasties, career politicians—out!”

Trump backers cite a Club for Growth survey giving Hageman a 30-point lead.

Cheney’s backers say she has a way since Democrats can vote in the primary, and many Republicans are disgruntled with the state party.


According to Liz supporters, there are so many conservatives angry with the hostility and toxicity of the party establishment.

Conservatives with this viewpoint concerning today’s political climate are now backing Liz. Many now back Liz because there are numerous candidates in the primaries against her, and the crossover voting law failed.

Liz also has great support from important policy organizations in the state, since she has performed on the needs of Petroleum Associations, Stock Growers, and Mining Affiliations.

Cheney fans have praised her steadfast criticism of Trump and his bogus claim that he won the election, despite reprimands from the RNC and the state party.

“Wyoming has always been supported by individuals who fight for justice. Trump has refuted this mindset. Liz Cheney is the only one that stood up for Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and I believe she will win,” a GOP voter said in Wyoming.

Jaeger Stander, a Wyoming voter, thinks her stance on Trump will attract swing votes and Democrats. Ultimately, time will tell either way.