Rallying Against the White House, GOP Urges Manchin to Join Party

Because of his issues with President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, Republican senators seek to convince Democrat moderate Sen. Joe Manchin to switch parties and enter the GOP.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, as well as GOP Sen. John Cornyn, have lately made outright efforts to persuade Manchin to join the Republican Party. If Manchin makes a move, the Republican Party will become the Senate’s majority party.

Welcoming with Open Arms

McConnell hastened his attempts to convince Manchin, following the Democrat’s weekend spat with the White House. Manchin publicly stated last week he was adamantly opposed to Biden’s flagship Build Back Better bill in its current form.

The White House reacted by publicly slamming West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. McConnell stated the episode demonstrates how far Manchin is from the Democrat Party’s core.

As McConnell told The New York Times, it’s beyond comprehension why anyone would want to brand Manchin a liar and try to shame him by hotboxing him. Therefore the message, he believes, is, ‘We don’t want you around.’

Again, however, the choice rests with Manchin, who is not wanted on that side of the political aisle. McConnell went on to say Republicans would undoubtedly love to have Manchin on their team and believe Manchin would be more at ease if he joined the GOP.

Cornyn also attempted to persuade Manchin to leave the Democrat Party and join the Republican Party. On Tuesday morning, Cornyn contacted Manchin, saying, “Joe, if Democrats don’t want you, Republicans do.” However, Cornyn stated he received no reply.

Cornyn stated he did not know what Manchin would do. However, he is aware West Virginia has become increasingly red.

Also, he believes Manchin’s opposition against Build Back Better reflects what he’s seeing from his West Virginia residents. So, indeed, Republicans would be thrilled to have him. The Senate majority would also be altered as a result of this.

The White House’s Statement

In a statement issued on Sunday, the White House chastised Manchin for refusing to support Biden’s legislation.

“This week, Senator Manchin’s comments on Fox News contradict his meetings with the president and White House personnel. A few weeks ago, Manchin promised the president he’d back the “Build Back Better” legislation.”

“Furthermore, Senator Manchin consistently said he will negotiate the framework’s finalization ‘in good conscience.'”

On Tuesday, Senator Joe Manchin visited the White House. During the West Virginia lawmaker’s visit, he also made sure to deliver a written blueprint for “Build Back Better” legislation to President Biden.

While the framework lacked essential criteria, they thought it might lead to a solution that is acceptable to everyone. Senator Manchin agreed to continue discussions in the coming days and cooperate with them to find common ground.