Presumably, Santos Will Not Seek Reelection

In spite of the fact he is not yet a member of Congress, Congressman-elect George Santos has quickly become the one with the lowest approval rating. However, he seemed to have finally begun to get the message.

The New York ABC affiliate reports Santos has already informed acquaintances he would not run for reelection in 2024 if he remains in government until then.

This report is based only on “sources” from ABC; yet, it’s not hard to assume it’s accurate. Here is the concise video report that they issued yesterday night.


The obvious issue is if Santos plans to resign after one term. Why would anyone trust him, to begin with? Obviously, there is no guarantee he would be the candidate of choice if he ran for office.

A state Republican Party official questioned why they would even contemplate backing him for another bid. The only person who appears to be backing Santos at this time is whoever gave him all those funds earlier last year.

Nevertheless, others are attempting to profit from Santos’ disfavor. Ritchie Torres (NY-15), a Democrat, has presented the SANTOS (Stop Another Non-Truthful Office Seeker) Act.

If enacted, the law would require congressional hopefuls to give testimony on three parts of their credentials: education, work, and military service.

The law would not include assertions that are less objective, such as a candidate’s sexuality or religion. Having made these comments under oath, anybody who was later found to have lied may be expelled from Congress.


However, the law creates a few concerns. First, there is the cliché that Washington would resemble a ghost town if every official who lied were removed from office.

However, there exists a far more pressing concern about whether or not the measure would even be constitutional. The Constitution specifies only three eligibility conditions for running for a seat in the House.

However, states and members of the US Congress have introduced additional restrictions in the past; so it may survive a legal challenge.

In related developments, another campaign claim made by Santos has been uncovered. Prior to getting COVID, he revealed to a New York podcaster that he had formerly fought a brain tumor and received radiation therapy.

Typically, when someone tells you they have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, you feel nothing but compassion for them.

However, is it even true? Or was Santos fabricating yet another piece of his life tale to elicit pity or make himself appear more combative to voters?

It’s a pity that we even need to ask such things, but George Santos has dragged this upon himself. At this stage, his birth certificate is practically required to confirm that he is indeed a citizen.