Politician’s Arrest Shocks Those in His Community

Growing debates about elections in this country are impacting morale amongst the general public. They’re also having an effect on how people vote, whether or not they vote early, and how they perceive mail-in ballots.

In some conservative circles, there have been calls for Republicans to embrace early voting and voting by mail.

This is largely due to the fact that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to vote ahead of time. Meanwhile, Republicans are more likely to wait until Election Day before casting their ballots.

The prevailing thought here is that Republicans would do well to get their votes in at the same time as Democrats. Though amid growing debates about elections in this country, one councilman in California has been arrested for voting-related foul play, per Conservative Review.

A Closer Look at the California Councilman’s Arrest

Councilman Shakir Khan was taken into custody by law enforcement after a series of 2020 ballots were discovered at his residence. These ballots were filled out with phony information and revealed that dozens of people used the councilman’s address to vote.

Khan narrowly won his election in Lodi, California by under 300 votes. Though the ballots found in his home, along with other incriminating evidence, are raising credible questions about the validity of this win.

Law enforcement stumbled upon social media footage of Khan urging his viewers to say they completed their ballots if anyone came asking questions. This, combined with the arrest and the 2020 ballots found at his home, does not look good.

Khan is now being charged with breaching the right to free and fair elections. This comes in addition to allegations that he engaged in false vote casting, false registration, illegitimate petitions, and more.

Given all that’s transpired, Khan recently stepped down from his role as councilman, at the request of the Lodi mayor.

Social Media Uproar

It hasn’t taken long for news of what happened to Shakir Khan to make the rounds on social media. Conservatives especially have weighed in with their thoughts about what transpired.

Many are calling for the mainstream media to give more attention to this story. So far, the arrest of Khan and the stash of ballots found at his residence have not made breaking news in the same way other reports have.

Nonetheless, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office did share footage of the now-former councilman’s arrest on social media. To say he’s likely finished in California politics would be an understatement.

Are you surprised to learn about this arrest pertaining to foul play in our nation’s elections? Do you believe there are others who may be guilty of similar crimes, yet haven’t been caught? Please let us know your thoughts and feedback on this development in the comments area.