Overturning the Border Policy Would Do Biden A Lot of Good

The current administration has been dominated by inflation, increased crime rates, the inability to pass a spending bill into law, a decline in the employment rate, and the stalling of the American supply chain.

In light of this, Joe Biden seems to be having quite a handful being the president of America. However, there might be a last resort that could give a positive impression about the Biden-led administration. It is with the overturn of the present border policy, thereby making Mexicans stay in their home country.

The current news making the rounds is the tools for enforcing former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy are still in place at the White House. This would go a long way in restoring the hope Americans have in the Biden-led administration. 

Can Biden Overturn the Mexican Border Policy?

Some people seem to think Biden doesn’t intend to overturn illegal immigration. The opinion of most Americans about the situation is Biden will most likely overturn the policy because the American court seems to have an interest in controlling the number of illegal migrants entering into the country from Mexico. 

Biden might have wanted illegal immigration to linger for a while, but with the current situation in Del Rio, Texas, President Biden was compelled to see how his border policy is quickly becoming a menace to everyday Americans. 

What Biden Needs to Do

If there is anything America must learn about Mexico, it’s they have all it takes to be America’s border policing partner. The recent outplay of events in Del Rio proves this.

While controlling the number of illegal Haitian migrants trying to gain entry into America, the Mexican Border Patrol shut the border crossing between Del Rio and Ciudad Acuna. 


A commendable fact about Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy was he understood America is the sole economic driver for Mexico. With a bit of tension between them, Mexico could be compelled to make the border safe again because they do not want to lose the foreign policy ties between themselves and America. 

We all know if the borders are no longer safe, it is because of the failure of American and Mexican leaders. However, things could take a positive turn if Biden would switch from his typical policy of blaming Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs and instead make Mexico ensure the Mexican-American border is safe again. 

In real-time, no less than one thousand illegal Mexican migrants are trying to gain entry onto American soil. If their access is denied at the Mexican-American border, a lot of sanctity will return to the border system.

The question that lies underneath the surface is, would Biden be able to demand this much-needed change from Mexico?