NY Prosecutor’s Political Motives Exposed in Trump Trial Scheduling Request

According to Breitbart News, the District Attorney for the State of New York, Alvin Bragg, is attempting to set the trial of former President Donald Trump for January 2024.

This would fall on the same day as the Iowa caucuses, which are the first event in the Republican primary.

The prosecutors are hoping this will affect the competition for the GOP nomination by drawing attention away from the candidate who is now in the lead and damaging his reputation in comparison to the other contenders.

Politicized Trial

The trial would become politicized and the prosecution’s motivations would be questioned if scheduled during the primary election season.

This action may also deflect resources and attention away from the primary, resulting in a less informed voter and a process that is less democratic. Moreover, it may result in a collapse of the rule of law and public confidence in the judicial system.

It should not be a political advantage, but rather the pursuit of justice is the central focus of the judicial system.

Because of Bragg’s motivations, there is cause for concern regarding the possibility of biases and conflicts of interest. Aspirants may feel obligated to take a stance on the trial in order to appeal to their base, which could lead to Bragg’s actions.

Even if some people may be intent on removing Trump from office by whatever means necessary, holding the trial during the primary season might have the opposite effect and benefit Trump’s opponents.

In addition, scheduling a trial amid a politically hot primary season might make it impossible to select an unbiased jury and cause the trial to go on for longer than is acceptable.


The judicial system must maintain its independence and lack of prejudice at all times. Making use of it for political benefit might have potentially disastrous effects, including eroding the credibility of the judicial system and establishing an extremely risky pattern of behavior.

The methods do not always justify the objectives; the pursuit of justice should always take precedence over the pursuit of political advantage inside the legal system.