NRA Pledges to Safeguard Second Amendment

On Friday, CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Wayne LaPierre, condemned the “evil that occurred at Robb Elementary School” in Texas.

He vowed to defend the constitutional right of individuals to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense. 

Common Interests

At the yearly convention of the National Rifle Association (NRA), CEO Wayne LaPierre stated the members of the NRA are moms and dads who are mourning the loss with the country.

He said these young lives were “ruthlessly and thoughtlessly extinguished” in Uvalde as a result of the actions of “a criminal monster.” 

He pointed out that despite disagreements on policy, the NRA and the Democrat Party find common interests in the belief “there will be tragedy again,” but “there are actions or steps that need to be taken.”

“The solution is not to limit the basic human right of law-abiding citizens of the United States to defend themselves from criminals.” He asserted this was never the case. 

LaPierre urged people to reject the assumption that the responsible person for every instance of lawbreaking is society, rather than the criminal. 

It is time to bring back the American principle that every individual is responsible for their own conduct.

“That is why we, the NRA, will also never stop defending the rights of the defenseless [and] responsible people to safeguard themselves against the wicked criminal class that plagues our society,” LaPierre stated. 

On Friday, Democratic lawmakers launched an independent inquiry into five U.S. weapons manufacturers to probe their numbers on revenue, profit, branding, and sales.

This happened in advance of hearings held by the House Oversight Committee on mass shootings beginning on June 8. Activists assembled outside the conference to call for stricter gun laws.

Defenseless Law-Abiding Americans

According to LaPierre, one “common sense” proposed policy that legislators could undertake is a move to give school systems the same degree of security measures that are required at sports venues and government facilities.

This would be an alternative to the pursuit of making gun laws more restrictive. 

This was reiterated by erstwhile President Trump, who spoke at the conference. 

Trump called for a “top-to-bottom security revamp” at schools throughout the country to protect students and teachers. 

According to the Washington Examiner, he also advocated for a more robust judicial system that will remove dangerous criminals from society and provide increased funding for law enforcement. 

“Over a million law-abiding people use a rifle or shotgun to save their own lives or the lives of people they love per year,” he said. “These are people who have never broken the law in their lives.”

That equates to almost one million innocent Americans each year who owe their lives and the lives of those they care about to the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

It is not the solution to remove their ability to defend themselves from the equation.