Young California Liberals Are Abandoning Biden

President Joe Biden and his team’s recent round of negotiations about removing student debt is an apparent attempt to appeal to younger voters who are unsatisfied with his administration’s performance.

This is evidenced by the fact they are currently in the majority. Moreover, it is inflation that is the source of this frustration.

Disappointment All ARound

An opinion survey conducted by the University of California Institute of Governmental Research, and the Los Angeles Times, found that 60 percent of California voters gave President Biden a negative result on inflation.

This leaves his overall support rating in the state hovering at a shaky 50 percent. 

The younger, more liberal voting demographic in the state, on the other hand, is the one that is penalizing Biden the most for inflation.

Only 21% of voters here, between the ages of 18 and 29, are satisfied with Biden’s situation handling.

Even Kamala Harris has been a disappointment in her home state of California, according to a poll conducted by the University of California, the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, and the Los Angeles Times.

This poll found that Harris has only 35 percent approval in her home state, with 45 percent disapproving of her. 

Harris’ approval rating has dipped somewhat from the already dismal 38 percent she received only two months ago.

For example, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has a 28 percent popularity rating in the Democratic-majority state of California.

In California, Harris is only marginally more favored than a Republican.

Blaming External Factors For His Failings

Biden has attempted to downplay the impact of inflation by claiming it would pass quickly, that it was only a temporary phenomenon, and finally, that it was entirely the fault of the unscrupulous meat business.

In the meantime, he is accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though “Putin’s price rise” allegedly dates back to the 2020 election, which took place 15 months prior to when Russia invaded Ukrainian territory.

According to an ABC News survey, most voters attribute a “great deal” or a “fair percentage” of the responsibility for the spike in petrol prices to President Biden and the Democrat Party’s policies. 

Aaron Blake reported for the Washington Post that surveys from Quinnipiac and the Kaiser Family Foundation indicate the president is not benefiting from his use of the “Putin price rise” as a talking point.

He’s lost even the young liberal supporters in California, who was once his strongest support base.

It’s easy to declare Biden has reached rock bottom, but his approval ratings continue to decline with no sign of a turnaround in sight.

Democrats face an election disaster if President Biden fails to maintain the benefit of the doubt among the most liberal generation of liberal California voters.

It’s nothing less than what Biden and the Democrat Party are due.