Notwithstanding a Rocky Start, Democrats are Hopeful

Leaders of the House Democrats’ trip to Philadelphia said the party is stronger and ready to fight for its majority on the last day.

Policy and Political Agendas

House Democratic Caucus Leader Hakeem Jeffries said members had made significant progress in formulating their policy and political objectives.

“I’m not sure if this is day two or day three of the Democratic Priorities Conference, but I can assure you it’s going to be another great day.”

“On the one-year milestone of the American Rescue Plan getting passed into law, House Democrats met as a family to explore how to build a better America for the people,” Jeffries stated.

“We still have difficulties to overcome, but we are making progress for Americans.”

During the conference, lawmakers heard from key government officials and President Biden on Friday evening. 

The GOP has ramped up assaults on inflation, gas costs, and the administration’s handling of the epidemic and other global problems, expressing confidence in winning the House in November.

After some initial difficulties, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters the emotions swung in a favorable direction after some initial snags.

“I believe everyone was curious about how this would happen. We call it a retreat, but I call it a resolve to keep working for the people.”

He added, “that’s why we’re facing an economy that’s one of the most rapidly growing in decades.”

Despite retirement plans (and historical advantages for the minority party when the majority controls both chambers and the White House), Sean Patrick Maloney, a New York Democrat, said the party is well equipped and keeps working on its electoral plan. 

Maloney, who serves a competitive district, is pleased with the candidates recruited and the progress made thus far.

“Our record stands up well against the other team’s lack of vision,” he remarked. “If you grant us another two years, we’ll continue working for you and your household while the other side keeps working for themselves,” he said.

“Cross out the word retreat,” Nancy Pelosi told reporters. It was to “fine-tune our narrative so we could win the election.” 

Critical Issues and Russia

Pelosi praised the president’s agenda and handling of critical problems, including trade ties with Russia and the economy, which she believes will help Democrats maintain seats this November.

House Democrat Chuy Garcia said the chance for lawmakers to gather outside Washington was useful, especially in terms of message strategy.

Garcia thanked Biden for taking the time to answer “some pragmatic concerns about how to transcend political polarization. It was also helpful in preparing for the midterm elections.”

Rep. Dean Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat, said being able to meet without the pandemic constraints in place last year helped them bond.