No One Really Believes the Democrats’ Inflation Explanations

To obscure the failings of socialism and their management of the economy, Soviet officials often attributed their nation’s economic woes to “traitors” or “wreckers.”

During the Stalin era, such fabricated sabotage charges resulted in lengthy prison terms at the GULAG correctional system. 

Inflation was a persistent point of conflict for which fall guys had to be found, as the Soviet government was constantly producing inflation. 

They lacked a comprehensive grasp of economics. Thus, to keep workers happy, they continued to increase their compensation (which was regulated by the government), even with virtually nothing available to purchase with the additional funds.

As a result, inflation occurs. Unfortunately, it appears many Democrats have not learned from that chapter of history, assuming they are even aware of it.

Thank God the Biden presidency will not be sending anybody to prison camps. However, it attempts to demonize private enterprises for their currency mishandlings.


Biden and other Democrats assert the country’s rising inflation crisis is somehow the responsibility of the same businesses hardest hit by Biden-flation. 

As was the case during the Soviet era, the motivations of these would-be saboteurs remain obscure, save for the possibility they are attempting to discredit a specific incompetent and unpopular president.

Neither Biden nor his aides believe greedy corporations are to blame for inflation. Neither Biden’s PR team nor Democrat lawmakers such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who blindly echo this talking point, believe any of it.

Who knew these deceptive charlatans would say things simply because they felt Americans were stupid enough to accept them, despite the fact their polling should have indicated otherwise?

Statistics Not Fitting Narrative

According to new government data, the Producer Price Index (which measures the expenses incurred by businesses constructing products and services, prior to their distribution to consumers) increased by an amazing 10% over the last year. 

Consider that for a moment. If greed is to blame, then how come all these terrible, greedy firms were undercharging everyone in 2021? Did they develop a taste for greed only in the last 12 months? 

Of course, asking the question is equivalent to rejecting this ludicrous premise. Inflation has nothing to do with predatory capitalism or shadowy backroom deals.

It’s pitiful that Democrats would use Soviet propaganda to divert attention away from the crises they caused.

Democrats are now experiencing actual panic as a result of the polling conducted by party leaders; this explains their quick abandonment of COVID limitations. 

Biden already openly absolved himself of all blame for his inept and disastrous performance in departing from Afghanistan without even a rudimentary plan.

Democrats are now attempting to exonerate themselves of responsibility for the health of an economy that was recovering nicely before they took control in early 2021.

However, it turns out Democrats are just as adept at making excuses for their failings as they are at governing. Luckily, their attempt to use legislation to take over the next election failed.

As a result, voters will have an opportunity to hold someone responsible.