New York Times Comes Up With Radical Ideas to Hijack the Supreme Court

Liberal media and politicians are pitching in new ideas to hijack the Supreme Court as they failed to get a favorable verdict from it in the abortion case.

Included in these ideas are the impeachment of justices, packing the court, and snatching its decision-making authority in some specific cases.

Radical Ideas to Hijack the Supreme Court

Jamelle Bouie’s op-ed published in the New York Times mentioned Congress needed to find ways to “discipline” the Supreme Court in the wake of abortion restrictions.

Bouie noted the “rouge” Supreme Court should exist under the constitutional system. He further added the judiciary cannot immune itself from the scrutiny of other branches of the government, particularly Congress.

So, the legislature can try to hold the court accountable by impeaching the justices and installing more vacancies in the court.

Similarly, Bouie continued, Congress can impose a super majority requirement for the court, instead of the current simple majority practice. In addition to that, the legislature can also “strip” the Supreme Court of jurisdiction on some specific issues.

According to the author, Congress must consider these choices in the presence of the “power-hungry” court. Bouie also accused Democrats of not showing any resolve for court reforms.

He also admired former President Franklin D. Roosevelt for threatening the court at the time of the Great Depression crisis so his New Deal was not reversed by the court.

Bouie argued the Supreme Court has a “lack of democratic legitimacy,” due to its right-leaning inclination.

Liberal Lawmakers Want to Impeach Two Conservative Justices

These demands of the liberal news outlet are in line with the prevailing far-left voices, which are also asking Democratic leadership to make the top court accountable.

Far-left lawmaker AOC stated Congress should “seriously consider” the impeachment of those justices who lied in their confirmation hearings.

She added justices should not be allowed to lie in their hearings to get a lifetime appointment, as it results in the “hostile takeover” of democratic institutions.

However, Biden does not agree with the progressive demands of packing the Supreme Court. As per White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the president has no plans to expand the court.

Similarly, Democrat Charlie Crist, who is running for Florida governor, asserted Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached for calling Roe v. Wade settled law in their hearings.

Even though Republican Senator Susan Collins also called the ruling of the two conservative justices “inconsistent” with their testimonies, their impeachment and the subsequent removal seem highly unlikely.

This is due to the fact that two-thirds of senators need to convict the subjected justice, a number which Democrats cannot reach whatsoever. 

As Supreme Court justices serve for a lifetime, until voluntary retirement or impeachment, the court is likely to be dominated by conservative justices for a significant amount of time now.