New York Rolls Back Gun Rights Given by SCOTUS

New York is a beautiful state, but it’s also among the bluest in the nation. This especially includes the issue of gun laws.

On Thursday, even after the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) struck down existing firearms laws and made concealed carry a nationwide right, New York took steps against that.

Governor Kathy Hochul says this will protect the safety and well-being of her state residents.

New York Pushes Back Against SCOTUS

New York legislators passed a law restricting the right to use concealed weapons in the state. After the decision, Governor Kathy Hochul praised the decision and said it will soon be signed into law.

The legislature restricts places where the citizens of New York can move with a concealed weapon. Such places like schools and subways would not be allowed. It will also create stricter laws regarding the license to purchase ammunition and secure storage of weapons.

At a press conference on Wednesday night, Hochul was outraged by the SCOTUS decision. She said it’s complicated to have people on the streets carrying weapons. She thinks it’s important to take action to protect Americans by restricting that.

The expansion of gun rights for self-defense granted by the Supreme Court is now being challenged by some states like New York.  Any American who shows an interest in buying a gun for concealed carry previously had to present a specific reason for such a purchase.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Judge Brett Kavanaugh said last week’s decision would affect six states other than New York. They imposed rules for a gun owner to justify the license application as well.

Hochul Hates Facts

Hochul said she doesn’t care that concealed carry gun owners aren’t the ones committing crimes in New York. She has emotions about it; therefore she’s justified in restricting rights.

Hochul said she is working with his team to reach a consensus on what is best for everyone.

Hochul also said she will do everything he can to protect New York citizens. New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie said there is a lot at stake and decisions on the right to use guns have been taken seriously, respecting the Constitution.

Myrie said the New York legislature has two issues to address.

One is whether citizens have the right to concealed carry in public; the other is the extent to which private businesses have the right to refuse entry to someone who is conceal carrying.

The Bottom Line

New York is an activist legislature that wants to rewrite the Constitution and trump the Supreme Court.

They have the right to pass state law under the Constitution, but their desire to abridge the basic rights of American citizens is very concerning and unacceptable.