New Poll Shows What We Knew All Along

As liberal Democrats shine the spotlight on the tragic event in Uvalde, Texas, a new left-of-center survey published this week indicated favor for an “assault weapons ban” has reached an all-time dip.

Biden All in Against Guns

President Joe Biden, who advocated for the outlawing of semi-automatic long weapons during an address last week, is leading the charge to rob Americans of their gun rights.

While some Democratic legislators toned down their demands this time, star Matthew McConaughey stated Democrats still want “whole bread” when it comes to curbing Second Amendment rights, but are prepared to “accept a slice” this moment.

According to a new survey conducted by Quinnipiac University, support for banning semi-automatic long weapons is at an all-time low.

Americans oppose restricting the number of firearms a person may own and Americans do not anticipate Congress to act on gun control.

“50 percent of registered voters favor prohibiting the sale of assault rifles, while 45 percent reject it, according to today’s survey,” the poll stated.

“Since the Quinnipiac first posed the subject in February 2013, this is the weakest amount of support amongst eligible voters for a countrywide ban on the sale of semiautomatic rifles.”

A Quinnipiac survey conducted on February 20, 2018, found 67 percent of registered voters supported a countrywide ban on the sale of assault rifles, while 29 percent rejected it.”

After the Parkland incident, in which 14 students were slain, approval for banning semi-automatic long weapons reached an all-time peak, according to the survey. After 19 kids were slain in Uvalde, the poll reached a new all-time low.

“While 41% of Americans believe the United States must seek to limit the number of weapons in the nation, 55% do not,” the survey concluded.

“This year, 42% of Americans anticipate officials in Washington, D.C. to take action to reduce gun crime, while 54% do not.”

Standing on the Graves of the Dead

“Close to a decade after the classroom tragedy at Sandy Hook, the assault weapon retains a footing, while demands for forbidding possession hit their lowest level,” according to Quinnipiac University Polling Researcher Tim Malloy.

In an appearance with ABC News, Anfulo Reyes, a 3rd and 4th-grade teacher at Robb Elementary, recalled the events that happened in his school on the day of the shooting.

Multiple shots were fired at Reyes, with the second volley penetrating his lung. Reyes has had five operations and two blood transfusions so far.

He conducted the conversation while in the hospital. He chastised the Uvalde Police Department for failing to respond sooner.

“They’re cowards,” added Reyes. “They just sat there doing nothing to help our neighborhood. It took a very long time for them to get in. They will never be forgiven by me.”

“You had a military uniform. I had nothing.”

Finals were over and an awards show was scheduled. Reyes intended to show his pupils a movie – an animated rendition of “The Addams Family.”