New Mexico Police Land in Hot Water

The past several years have seen a dangerous rise in anti-police sentiment across the United States. This negative attitude towards law enforcement has given life to other policies, such as cutting bail requirements or reducing various punishments associated with serious offenses.

The rise in crime in America also directly tracks with the defunding of law enforcement that’s taken place in many major US cities. For what it’s worth, some Democrats who previously approved budget cuts to policing have walked this back. Though the damage is already done.

Now, yet another incident pertaining to police – this time out of New Mexico – has emerged, per Fox News.

Bodycam Footage Takes the Stage

In New Mexico, body camera footage reveals police on the scene opening fire on the owner of a home they responded to after getting a call. However, it turns out that officers got the wrong home and the homeowner has since lost their life.

Before opening fire, though, the officers did knock on the door accordingly and declare themselves as police. Not long afterward, the owner of the home opened the door, while being armed.

This is when police opened fire, thus subsequently taking the life of the homeowner.

It’s Not Over Yet

Right now, there’s currently an investigation being conducted into the shooting, the officers involved, and other factors. Furthermore, the New Mexico police on the scene have been subjected to administrative leave.

Thus far, their names have not been shared with the public for reasons that are fairly obvious.

However, the incident is nevertheless making the rounds on social media. Many Americans are weighing in with their thoughts about what happened. They’re also expressing their views about actions that could have been taken to prevent this tragedy in the first place.

The country can expect more updates on this story in the weeks and months ahead.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.