Nashville Flower Shop Declines Service to Republican Party

In support of tougher gun control legislation, a floral shop close to Nashville declined to supply flowers to a GOP event starring Donald Trump, the former president. It also pushed other companies to do the same.

Flower Shop Makes Accusations

FLWR Shop proprietors located in Belle Meade announced they promptly declined to provide assistance for a planned event for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

They urged others in the Nashville hospitality sector to decline accepting income or work from the Republican Party until lawmakers start implementing necessary modifications to gun laws that the majority of Americans are advocating for.

Entrepreneurs Alex Vaughan and Quinn Kiesow responded in-depth to the RNC, saying even though they “respect” the opinions expressed by their conservative clients, those who spoke at the RNC conference go above the level of ease.

In reference to the shootings at the Christian Covenant School in March, the FLWR Shop remarked at this time, they cannot overlook the efforts that the RNC carried out to bring about this horrible event and numerous others before it.

The company responded to the RNC on Monday via social media, alleging the Republican Party makes this situation more serious, like the recent revisions to gun regulations in Tennessee.

Instead of focusing on assault guns that have been used to kill students in their schools, the Republican Party spent taxpayers’ money and valuable legislative will on efforts to outlaw drag shows, according to the declaration.

The Tennessee business owners stated they won’t be taking any Republican money. That money is stained with the blood of the three adorable children lost in Nashville.

Democrats Did Nothing

While it is certainly their right to decline business and have their own opinions, one should also point out that with regard to the Nashville shooting, Democrats painted the shooter as a victim and ignored the real victims of this terrible tragedy.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.