Nancy Pelosi Looking for Miracles After Major Blow to Biden’s Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might’ve had an audacious New Year’s resolution.

Her resolution was to resurrect President Biden’s Build Back Better initiative, which was given a serious setback on Sunday when Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin confirmed he would vote “no” on the welfare spending measure.

Due to the 50-50 balance in the Senate, Democrats were well aware they would be unable to sacrifice a single vote. Pelosi described the events as disheartening, but pledged to continue working.

According to Pelosi, Democrats will achieve an agreement quickly so this critical legislation may be passed as quickly as possible next year.

Manchin Couldn’t Stand With the Bill

Manchin informed Fox News of his reasoning for voting against the bill. He wanted to be able to explain his decision to his constituents in West Virginia.

Manchin said he would be unable to vote to proceed with this bit of legislation at this time. The senator also stated he just could not get there and attempted every humanly possible solution.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki described Manchin’s declaration as an unexpected, incomprehensible turnaround of his views and a violation of his obligations to Biden and Democrat members of Congress.

She stated emphatically that Manchin will be required to explain to West Virginia why several families will be forced to cope with increasing health and child are expenditures, as a result of the legislation not being passed.

A Consensus Previously Met

Psaki claimed in a release that Manchin presented Biden with a formal request on Tuesday that was the same size and breadth as Build Back Better.

She also claimed Manchin promised to continue discussions with the president. The cost of such a structure over ten years was $1.85 trillion. Officials had not previously announced the meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

A statement released late Sunday night by Pelosi commented there was consensus on the essential structure of the proposal, with a particular emphasis being placed on the most vital aspects, such as extending home healthcare and improving the Affordable Care Act.

She asserted the inflation-fighting initiative is a strategy that will reduce government spending, a position Republican lawmakers questioned.

GOP Rep. Byron Donalds stated he believes Manchin’s decision was really good news for the country. Build Back Better was a poor bill, to put it mildly. Everyone understands it is a horrible bill, especially in this economic climate.

He went on to say that the bill itself was a way for Washington to start wasting billions of dollars it does not have. Democrats would’ve been paying people to remain at home.

They would’ve been investing in this Green New Deal program, which would increase the cost of electricity even further. Donalds stated Biden’s Build Back Better Act is a poor piece of legislation.