Mom Speaks Out on Shocking Virginia School Bus Footage

A woman in Virginia claims during an apparent bullying episode, another student strangled her seventh-grade son on a school bus, leaving bruises and markings on his neck and face.

According to the boy’s mother, Taylor Brock, the aggressive incident from January 23 was documented on video. It was then reported to Fairfax County Public Schools authorities, but they didn’t do enough to safeguard him.

Not Enough is Being Done

Brock said they made an effort to minimize everything. Fairfax County Public Schools tried to claim they did all they could and took the necessary safety precautions, but they didn’t.

They kept the teachers in the dark. They failed to impose the protection order or ensure her son’s safety. He continued to see her in the cafeteria and the hallway. They took no action.

To protect him, Brock said she is transferring him to a different school and filing a police statement with the Alexandria Police Department.

As of Saturday afternoon, the police had not responded to a request for comment and the school system had sent a statement to the media.

According to Fairfax County Public Schools, school officials handled the matter in accordance with the FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities student disciplinary guideline.

Adding that because of federal privacy regulations, they were unable to give any other information

Brock shared the footage with Fox News Digital and posted it on her blog, While other students giggle, it depicts a student stealing a kid’s backpack; when the kid tries to reclaim it, things rapidly get heated.

The other student pins him against a window by grabbing him by the face and putting her hands around his throat.

This can’t just be another narrative, according to Brock. Change is necessary. She continued by saying she believes the greatest approach to affect change is to implement preventative measures.

They have to educate the children on how to control their anger, deal with sadness, stress, and peer pressure, as well as understand the value of each child’s life.

Potential Consequences and Dangers to Kids

Brock also advocated for stiffer penalties, particularly when there is physical assault.

According to Brock, the three strikes and you’re out policy won’t be used to resolve this. Until the school determines enough has been done, they shouldn’t have been able to smack her son two or three more times.

She got a letter from another kid that suggested vengeance against the person who choked her son, which she relayed to Fox News Digital.

Brock submitted the message to the school system, but she also called it a “great example” of how students resort to self-defense if they believe the institution is not adequately protecting their safety.

Brock asked what would prevent the kids from taking matters into their own hands if they felt that the authorities weren’t carrying out their duties.

What should the pupils do if this school doesn’t take their feedback? They will undoubtedly engage in violent behavior or commit suicide as no one pays attention to them.

The recent beating of Adriana Kuch, 14, by a group of students in the hall of Central Regional High School, which was caught on camera and posted on social media, rocked a school district in New Jersey.

Kuch’s apparent suicide death on February 3 left the neighborhood in disbelief a few days later.

At the Central Regional faculty meeting on Thursday night, tensions erupted as many additional kids and parents spoke up against bullying that varied from prejudiced taunts to actual violence.