Liberal Propaganda Makes Its Way Into Religion

"Church House, Westinster" by grassrootsgroundswell

If you’ve been keeping up with Matt Walsh’s latest doings, you’re well aware of the battle currently going on between the common sense crowd and the trans community.

The latter is trying to erase the concept of a “woman” that we’ve known for centuries.

This time though, even religious officials are joining the LGBT propaganda peddlers. Church of England’s Senior Bishop Rt. Rev. Robert Innes could not provide an answer to the infamous question of “What is a woman?”

“Salisbury, England” by Pedro Szekely

Church Bishop becomes LGBT propaganda peddler

As it turns out, just like the rest of the “woke” crowd, Bishop Innes believes he and other church officials were only making assumptions regarding women up until now.

They think additional care is necessary now that gender was also reformed as a concept.

While it’s probably the first place you’d expect to find trans and “progressive“ propaganda, it’s not exactly uncommon for churches to join the woke side of things.

We’ve seen religious establishments host drag shows and prayers to “The Great Queer One”.

Aside from that last one sounding suspiciously like something out of a Lovecraft novel, it’s very clear who, and for what gain, shoved this into our religious institutions.

Despite all that, Bishop Innes still can’t wrap his head around the negative reviews that came after his statement.

One such negative comment directed the church’s way came directly from England’s first-ever female priest, Rev. Angela Berners-Wilson. She was certainly unhappy with her identity as a woman being shoved under the rug by a minority group.

The massive backlash from other religious officials

Unfortunately, even Rev. Berners-Wilson, in part, believes added care must be administered, considering the litany of genders that popped up in the past couple of years, despite the general consensus being that there are only two.

Thankfully, someone with an actual background in biology stepped in to correct the Bishop, that being Maya Forstater, head of the Sex Matters campaign group.

She assured us that concepts like male and female were older than life itself and did not need updates to their official definitions.

Religious officials also joined in, with Deacon Calvin Robinson of the Free Church of England adding the concept of a “woman” is a biblical truth; someone who tries to turn it into a complex moral issue shouldn’t be trusted.

If anything, this sort of absurd behavior isn’t anything new from the Church of England. It’s been barely two months since Former Canterbury Archbishop Rowan Williams called transitioning a “sacred journey.”

The Church of England spans nearly 170 countries, with an approximate membership of more than 85 million people. Statistically, the church has explicitly chosen not to define what 45 million of its followers are.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.