Leaked Documents Reveal How Vulnerable Taiwan

Major flaws in Taiwan’s airborne security measures are revealed by classified Army documents, according to a large Discord breach uploaded by Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira.

Taiwan is Vulnerable

Authorities reportedly doubt they’re able to correctly detect missile deployments from China, according to the secret Pentagon evaluations of the island country’s military preparedness, the Washington Post claimed on Saturday.

Only 50% of the island’s aircraft would be considered “fully mission capable” in the case of a Chinese assault, according to US analysts. They also stated Beijing had the capacity to effectively regulate Taiwan’s skies if it decided to strike.

Several days of “combat readiness patrols” by China this past week sent an alert to Taiwan’s independence, which China also asserts as its very own territory.

Teixeira, a 21-year-old minimal information technology professional in the Air National Guard, is charged with sending hundreds of top-secret documents about the conflict in Ukraine and other delicate military matters to a Discord channel with 20 to 30 other users.

According to Discord’s chief legal officer Clint Smith, the social media platform, which is well-liked by gamers like Teixeira, is helping with the inquiry.

According to Smith, the most recent instance basically constitutes an improper use of our platform’s features and an infraction of our business rules.

Teixeira was detained by heavily armed federal officials on Thursday at his mother’s house in North Dighton, Massachusetts.

At the same time, one of former President Trump’s senior national security advisers claimed on Saturday that Teixeira was only the scapegoat in a far larger intelligence failure and could hardly have acted independently.

Intelligence Failure

Per Kash Patel, Trump’s ex-deputy coordinator of federal information, it’s merely not conceivable that Teixeira had possession of such a highly classified collection.

Patel says that you can be the most powerful IT expert in the Department of Defense; yet, you are still siloed off from the real facts.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.