Lawmaker’s Home Destroyed After Bill Against Gender Reassignment

After announcing his opposition to gender reassignment surgery as a form of treatment for children, a Utah lawmaker’s home was vandalized by the “peaceful” left.

For those out of the loop, the man in question is Sen. Mike Kennedy. He sponsored legislation SB16, which bans transgender surgeries on children and minors in the state of Utah, much to the dismay of the self-proclaimed open-minded left.

Home-invading Democratic vandals destroy Senator Mike Kennedy’s home

His home was left covered in spray-painted messages labeling him as a fascist. Even some phrases use the word “tranny,” which is frowned upon when used by anyone who’s not part of the transgender community.

Despite the senseless attacks on his home and family, Kennedy stood his ground, claiming he will not be shaken by vandals and their cowardly actions; he stands by the bill he approved.

He added nothing will stop him from supporting what is right; the attack was more than just an attack on his family, but rather, one on the very principles America was built on.

Utah puts an end to child genital mutilation

Kennedy continued, claiming the people of Utah will proudly stand against any and all radicals who try to force their agenda into the state; he’s doing everything in his power to make Utah a safe place for children.

However, you’ll also find that similar legislation has been pushed in 11 other states across the nation.

While the bills were immensely opposed by the “medical community” and LGBTQ supporters, there’s little to actually support the idea that gender-affirming care is the best thing for your child.

Unfortunately, a great deal of the organizations defending this worldview are large enough to argue for it without any repercussions. The American Medical Association, as well as The American Psychiatric Association, have taken part in this.

Even though organizations like Equality Utah, which show support for the state’s LGBTQ community, criticized the legislation, they also didn’t approve of the vandalism, explaining that anyone involved should turn themselves in to save the face of the community.

One wouldn’t expect such a sensible action from an organization supporting this chicanery, but they make some valid points; attacks like these only make life in Utah worse for the peaceful and non-confrontational members of the community.

The Police Department in Kennedy’s district didn’t respond to any of the numerous requests for comment at the time.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.